3rd Eye Music Fest was an awesome experience


Over the weekend The Hood Hippie got the opportunity to help out as stage managers with the 3rd Eye Music Fest this past Saturday in Fondren Park. I'm gonna tell you a little about what went down, just in case you missed it.

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On Saturday November 14th The Hood Hippie got the opportunity to help out as stage managers with the 3rd Eye Music Fest in Fondren Park. I’m gonna tell you a little about what went down, just in case you missed it.

The multi-genre outdoor concert featured a lineup of over 20 artists, food trucks and vendors selling various types of merchandise. The weather was cool and there was a heavy police presence but the artists and attendees all seemed to be in high spirits as the sound checks took place shortly before show time. I got the chance to shoot the breeze with some of my friends and contemporaries.

I talked with Photographer/Videographer TheBestestLexis of TheKhronox.com, Photographer/Clothing Designer Sneakerboxxx, Photographer Samantha Yancey, Chad Wesley and his sound and lighting crew and Creative Consultant Q Hefner prior to doing roll call to make sure all of the artists were on site.

I got to make connections with bands and hip hop artists from all over Mississippi and beyond state borders. That was one of the best things about the fest in my opinion, the fact that all of the artists that came to perform left knowing that they were weren’t alone in creating this new music culture of Mississippi.

The show opened up with Rafiki Grove’s Southern tinged indie rock, followed by Talia Sade and Zak Mozis with some tunes to flex to, then 396 Hooligans brought their Pike County branded rap that was reminiscent of early Kid Rock.

Ray Kincaid and Akeem rocked the stage with a command that made people stand still and listen, despite saying  they were nervous. The Villetown Mountain Army Brigade channeled the grunge of Nirvana and the guitarist was definitely reminiscent of Kurt Cobain. James Virgodo and J Da Groova were total pros while working the stage.

The crowd ebbed and flowed as the event went on. Tira D and Lil Chris Manne (now known as Eig21ht) The air grew colder but just as things seemed to reaching a lull the energy was pumped right back into the spacious park as the experimental hip hop duo L0ading Tumorrow took the stage and powered through their set with the raucous energy of a punk rock band.

Tira D and Eig21ht

Godius Richard Oasis of L0ading Tumorrow


T Lo Da Champ put on a high energy performance, even hitting the moonwalk at one point mid-song. I realized I had been sleeping on Savvy after hearing him perform “New Day” which features a sample of one of my favorite 8 Ball and MJG tracks “Space Age Pimpin”. Finding Peace In Gunshots was great, the guitarist/vocalist had a lot of stage presence and reminded me of the energy of greats like Iggy Pop and Freddie Mercury.

T Lo Da Champ


Finding Peace In Gunshots

LoudPackWeezy, The Real C. White and ill Phil took the stage in true scraper fashion and performed new music and an old hit or two. The Stonewalls and Empty Atlas both showed me why they were constantly talked about and featured in great lineups.

Dolla Black brought the energy back to the crowd and helped them fight off the chills as the cold started to set in during the evening. This was a welcome change of pace and energy. Dream Cult made me fall in love with their music after I heard the lush, dreamy guitar when they played “Surface” live.

LV Baby debuted his new sound live at 3rd Eye Music Fest and captivated the crowd with his mixture of rapping, live instruments and secondary vocalist Troop. They were definitely a highlight of the fest. Silas closed the show out in full Naruto regalia and had the crowd going wild as he was channeling the energy of a Hokage right before their eyes.

Overall, 3rd Eye Music Fest was a great experience and I’m glad I had the opportunity to be a part of something that can continue to grow and get better every year. Many thanks to Corinthian for conceiving and executing the event, Kamikaze for helping to keep it on track after Fondren took a stand against it and a special thanks to DJ Bigg Shocka of BDE for stepping in an being the impromptu house DJ. Also wanna give a big shout to the vendors Q Hefner, Steve Hendrix, Yancey Photos, and 2 for 7 Kitchen. Shout to TheBestestLexis of The Khronox and Corey of Unphazed Films and No Influence Digital and Sneakerboxxx for getting some dope shots. Thanks to OffBeat, Swellophonic and Project Jackson for being sites for ticket sales. Also thanks to all of the performers and the attendees for helping to make the fest a success. See you all again next year!