A Chat With The Dopest Blogger Alive


Juicy Peach, better known as “The Dopest Blogger Alive” on the social media scene, originally started her blog juicyexpressions.com in 2011 while atte...

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Juicy Peach, better known as “The Dopest Blogger Alive” on the social media scene, originally started her blog juicyexpressions.com in 2011 while attending Jackson State University. The blog was going well but due to personal life changing circumstances she honestly fell off.  After graduating from Jackson State University  and getting accepted into Mississippi College School of Law she relaunched the blog as thejuicyexpressions.com in 2013. While most blogs only focus on celebrity gossip, her vision was for “TJE” to be a heavy influential platform by shedding light on the unheard. She also writes about juicy controversial topics that are able to get various people to engage in amusing conversations.  Juicy Peach is currently pursing her Juris Doctorate with strategic plans for being an entertainment attorney.

Blogging in Jackson is becoming more respected each and every day. Internet journalism may seem easy but it’s really a full-time grind. Juggling a blog, interviews, hosting, planning her 2nd year anniversay AND working on a Law degree all at the same time is definitely admirable. It seems like she never runs out of gas.

 Juicy has interviewed several of the most influential entertainers in Jackson on her site and it’s corresponding YouTube page. She was also one of the Red Carpet hosts for the 2016 edition of The Jackson Hip Hop Awards. The TJE cypher dropped at the top of the year that featured several artists working in the city.


“The common denominator between those who’ve already made it and those who are on the come up is that both parties have once been the underdog”

–The Dopest Blogger Alive

I got the chance to ask her about her future plans for her blog and much more:

HH: What was the initial inspiration behind The Juicy Expressions?

JP: I originally started thejuicyexpressions.com because I felt that one thing that every human being has in common is that everyone has an expression. No matter if its verbal or just body language, expression is how we learn more about people. The Juicy in the name came from Juicy Peach.  “Peaches” is a family nickname that I was given at birth that transformed into a real name, even my college professors also call me that. Everything about me is Juicy lol including the topics that I discuss so that is kinda where the name of the blog came from in a nut shell. I also wanted to build a platform for those upcoming talented individuals that may not be as known as your typical Hollywood star.

HH: Your brand has grown so quickly, what do you attribute your success to? How did you capture the people’s attention?

JP: I actually don’t feel that my brand has grown as quickly in my eyes like others view it but I guess that’s because I see the working aspect of it. But the reason for my success is my guidance system. I am a single mother, law school student, and blogger so if it wasn’t for God’s glory then I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. Also I have great friends and family around me so my support system is so dope. I am a very humble individual and I am thankful for everything that have and able to do.

HH: What you do is very important for local artists. Do you think that your work has helped to shape the indie arts culture of Jackson to its current state?

JP: Yes. I do think that my blog “thejuicyexpressions.com” has contributed in a very influential way to the indie arts culture of Jackson. I’ve interviewed and supported many artists in this city. There are a lot of talent musicians in Jackson, however, I feel that most artists should be focusing on how to reach beyond Mississippi because that is when you will be able to contribute more to your city. TJE will be a platform to help artists or developing entrepreneurs reach higher plights because this blog is not locally based. So my goal is to expand working with more people in various areas.

HH: Would you like to collaborate with any other brands in the Jackson area or beyond?
JP:  Yes I would like to collaborate with ONLY PROFESSIONAL brands. I would love to work with Jessica Simien, AimHigh Records, Red Squared Productions, more with B.D.E., and even more with you guys! I’m sure there are more brands that I would love to work with but that’s all I can think of at the top of my head. Lol.
HH: You are starting a career as an entertainment lawyer once you graduate from Mississippi College right? Do you plan on representing some of the artists in the area and helping them to reach new heights?
JP: Yes! As an entertainment lawyer I plan on working with every artist that hires me to make sure their legal needs are handled. As for as artist development, the only artists I plan on developing to new heights is my little brother “Yohn Yames” (his rapper name). I have an eye for new talent and I can just say my brother is one of the coldest dudes ever and I feel that it’s now time for the world to witness history. I am also contributing to Clew’s brand and he is one of the artist who performed at the TJE’s Second Anniversary.

HH: What’s next for you and the rest of the flavors over at TJE?

JP: As for now I am going to continue branding The Juicy Expressions and The Dopest Blogger Alive. All of the Team Flavor members are busy entrepreneurs working on their businesses, degree’s etc. They will always be here to support TJE and I will be the first person promoting their business ventures as soon as they release. That’s #SQUADDD forever lol.