About The Hood Hippie

The Hood Hippie is a media and entertainment company dedicated to providing exposure for independent artists from a wide variety of mediums. Our team of bloggers, writers, designers, artists and curators are the urban explorers of Jackson.  We are the cultivators of the hidden culture and the compass to point those seeking the same in the right direction through the Hood Hippie platform and we work hard to have a great deal of knowledge in all of the many topics we cover.

Our primary focus is to give a detailed look at the evolving community of innovative artists right here in Mississippi. In addition to highlighting Mississippi talent, we also feature artists from surrounding states that are buzzing in their own right.

We seek hidden gems in our city and state. We support several mediums including music, film, visual arts, technology, podcasting and whatever else is based in creativity and expression. If you’re looking for a side of Jackson, MS and other cities that you may not have known was right under your nose, stay connected to us here at The Hood Hippie. You never know what you may find.

We have interviewed artists such as Big Sant, Scotty ATL, Alfred Banks, QuickTrip, Marcel P. Black, Silas and several others. We have also been involved in events including 3rd Eye Music Fest and Jackson Indie Music Week.

Get connected to everything indie and innovative right here!

 The Hood Hippie Team