Alexander Fre$co: First Quarter Flex

Alexander Fre$co: First Quarter Flex


By Malcolm Morrow   Alexander Fre$co has been steadily building his brand in Jackson since 2015. He actually started recording music in 2009 but ...

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By Malcolm Morrow


Alexander Fre$co has been steadily building his brand in Jackson since 2015. He actually started recording music in 2009 but began writing in 2005. Early on in life, he wasn’t much of a hip-hop fan; but that all changed in 2003. “What initially got me into music was the 90s R&B and Pop. I didn’t get into Hip Hop/ Rap until 2003 when I was introduced to 106&Park and that’s when my life changed. Seeing the interviews and music videos really inspired me to be like (those artists). January 2015 was when I told myself if I wanted to make it and be taken serious, I’d have to start making a name for myself and put in the work. Since then I’ve been doing just that.”

He was a mainstay performer during 3rd Eye Booking Company’s legendary run at Offbeat. I’ll never forget the first time I saw him perform. He performed his crowd-favorite “Cuz I Ball”, during the performance he made it rain on the crowd and hopped up on a chair since there was no stage. The chair broke but Fre$co didn’t miss a beat. He just incorporated it into his performance. I knew then that Fre$co had a quality about himself that would set him apart from his peers.

Since that first show, he’s consistently worked to cement his status as an artistic force here in his hometown and beyond its borders. His live performances are high-energy visual spectacles featuring posters, light-up sneakers and plenty of jumping. It’s no wonder he considers Travis Scott to be the most major influence on his style, “Travis is who I aspire to be like. His energy and creativity is something that always attracts attention. Everything including his music, his music videos, his performance, his interviews, is what I see myself doing when it’s all said and done. He is hands-on with everything concerning his brand and I admire that about him the most.”

Fre$co has become one of the marquee artists of 3rd Eye Booking roster. He’s always on the road doing shows in cities such as New Orleans, Dallas, and Atlanta. It has also been a learning experience for the young artist as he develops his skills in the business side of the industry.

“Partnering with 3rd Eye Booking Co. has given me the opportunity to grow and connect with a wide variety of people, businesses, and brands. I’m learning what it takes to be an independent artist in a constantly growing marketing. It’s more than just songs and performing, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes as well. I’ve progressed a lot since day one and I still have a lot of growing to do but I feel confident having 3rd Eye Booking behind me. They’re giving you the keys to unlock your destiny, they want to see you succeed and that’s essential for your team.”

Another area where Fre$co shines brightest is merchandising. His post-show merch table is replete with t-shirts, stickers, buttons, posters and more; rivaling the offerings of rock bands in sheer variety. It didn’t take long for other artists to pick up on the trend but it’s hard to deny that Alexander was a pioneer in the field. “I’m glad to be considered an inspiration but I know I wasn’t the first and I sure won’t be the last. I’m happy to see my peers creatively promoting their brands. I want to buy their merch myself. I was inspired to create so much merch because I wanted to give people more options to support besides buying a CD. I’m always thinking outside of the box. I have more merch on the way, as well as collabs with other brands, so keep an eye out for that.”

When I heard his first project “Flex”, I didn’t connect with Fre$co but I could see he was on to something. When he released his follow-up “Pre-Show” which featured the tracks “New Kid” and “Backflips” I was sold. The tape provided a fresh impression and presented more depth. It was more relaxed and seemed like he was taking more time in his creative process.

“My last project was me experimenting, trying to see what works, what I want to hear, and what will get the people excited to listen and during performances. Something I can most definitely say is that I found my sound. I’m more confident in what I’m saying. You can expect the day to day vibes of what’s going on in my head. Different emotions come to the surface. It’s one of those projects where I remember when I wrote and experienced those times. Expect to hear BRIAN KING, A.K.A. PEDRO, YUNG JEWELZ & $KINNY BRAGG. They’ve all really elevated my creative process on making this project. Some of my best work to date… until the next one of course.”

This creative growth is definitely a welcome addition to an already promising package. He also had an excellent assist verse on Ray Kincaid’s track “Sundays At Offbeat”. He held his own among the lyrical titans of Ray and James Virgodo, he definitely rose to the occasion.

“When Kincaid approached me about the track I already knew it was something that I was going to like it.  I’ll go on record and say it, I feel Ray is the best out of Jackson. Period. I’m not taking it back. The reason why is because you don’t know what to expect from him musically. I HAD to bring my A game, no half stepping. James really brought it home with the ending, much love to him as well. One of the things I’m most proud of is that there is no cursing, so I can play it anywhere with no worries. I had to represent for OffBeat. When I heard the finished product I knew it was an instant CLASSIC and I’m glad to be part of it.”

Alexander Fre$co is set to release his 3rd project “The Show” on March 31st. His latest single “I Can’t Lose” features A.K.A. Pedro and is sure to keep the crowds turnt at his upcoming shows.

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