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Lizz is one of the dopest MC’s/singers that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Her sound is similar to Erykah Badu singing meets a smooth p...

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Lizz is one of the dopest MC’s/singers that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Her sound is similar to Erykah Badu singing meets a smooth poetic flow. The first time I stumbled across her was on Instagram, she had posted a video of her freestyling while driving through Memphis. I was immediately intrigued. After following the link to her SoundCloud, I was a fan.

Lizz was one of the featured artists that performed during The JXN Juneteenth Block Party and she was definitely a hit with the crowd. She’s also a hit in Memphis, where she can be heard performing all around the city as well as being the host of Sophisticated Saturdays at The Prohibition Lounge.

I had the the opportunity to catch up with Lizz and see what it is that makes this talented artist tick. Here’s what she had to say:

1. What was it like creating and releasing your debut mixtape “Kush and Yoplait”? What was the inspiration for the name?
L: “Creating “Kush and Yoplait” was extremely fun. I learned a lot about the recording process and how important it is to build positive relationships among those I admire as my peers. The title “Kush and Yoplait” was partly inspired by Wiz Khalifa’s “Kush and OJ”. There was also a period of time right before I started recording where I made many adjustments to my lifestyle. One of those changes included my eating habits. I was smoking a lot of marijuana, growing my natural hair, seeking truth, working two jobs, completing undergrad college courses, and eating a lot of Yoplait yogurt as I transitioned to a vegan!” 
2. Have things changed for you since you released the project and started doing shows?

L: “Yes there are notable changes in myself since I’ve been an active artist. I’m very amazed with the improvement of my songwriting skill. It’s seem to get better with each of my song completions. Also I’m much more comfortable singing on tracks. I’m wanting to learn much more about all the aspects of music and learn to play an instrument.”

3. Being a Mississippi native; what inspired you to move to Memphis to pursue your career in music?

L: “Well I actually moved to Memphis in 2009 to go to college. Although I always wrote poetry as a hobby, I had no notion to work to be a musician until the summer of 2014 when I recorded my first song and realized how good I was. I can note that I was inspired my many of the underground artists of Memphis but I’m ready to move.”

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4. Are there any artists that you would like to work with in the future, both local and mainstream?

L: “Wow I could name a list of a lot of people but just to name two for certain they would be Frank Ocean Big Krit, and Dom Kennedy. Local artist I would have to choose Scraper Gang of Jackson, MS especially C White and Brit Brat from my hometown Cleveland, MS.” 

5. What’s the next move for Lizz? Any upcoming projects, videos, interviews etc.?

L: “As we speak I’m working on a visual for “Fuk How You Feel” from Kush and Yoplait. I’m also seeking more tools for my exposure such as interviews and out of town shows. My next project will premiere on my birthday August 5th, 2015. It will feature the single “Southern Trees” and a soon to be video release of the single “Time is Money”. I’m also working along my DJ, DJ Rod Zilla, to create our entertainment label “Skrewed Visionz”. 

Here is the link to listen to “Kush and Yoplait”:
Here are a few of her singles and some of my personal favorite tracks:
Follow her on Instagram: Lizz_with2Zs
Twitter: TrapLizz