Artist Feature: Mystic Tripsta


Mystic Tripsta was born in Jackson, MS on October 19, 1994. He says he’s always had a passion for the arts (specifically music). During his midd...

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Mystic Tripsta was born in Jackson, MS on October 19, 1994. He says he’s always had a passion for the arts (specifically music). During his middle school years he was in the choir and band. He later graduated from Ridgeland High School where he also played in the band and on the school tennis team. That background in music definitely laid a good foundation for what he’s building with his sound.
On April 20, 2012 he recorded my first song “On A Bowl” (true hippie) and he has continued to record new songs, as well as produce original tracks. He recently dropped his latest solo project “Retro Wave [LP Tape]”. He’s also currently pursuing a degree in Meteorology at Jackson State University as well as participating in a research intern. In his free time you can find him playing tennis, producing, watching documentaries, and doing kick ass shit when possible.
I got the chance to talk with the chief of mystic rap to see what makes him tick. Check out what he had to say below:

1. What inspired the cover art for Retro Wave? I dig that whole Playstation game cover art style. 

MT: Playstation 1 was basically the first gaming console I was introduced too, so there’s a nostalgic quality. As far as the art, I was inspired by the ocean, like wavy Japanese Anime Island shit, but with a colorful retro twist haha. 
2. When are you planning to drop some visuals from Retro Wave? Spyro and Viper would be dope?
MT: Definitely before the end of the summer. The next video is going to be more epic and cinematic than the last. It’s gotta mess with people’s minds a little
3. Are there any collabs in the works? Any new projects?
MT: Yup. Me and Raybandz just collaborated on a piece of production the other day so be looking out for who we get on that. Then me and another local artist named Mildred Noor have been collabing on beats and vocals so that’s on the horizon too.. I’m really excited about something new I’m plottin on though. A series of instrumentals with a certain theme to each one. If you’ve heard 88 Will Kill Bill Vol. 1 by TM88, that’s the best example I can give. But this is something I first started thinkin about a while back when I had the realization that I could make music that went beyond just rapping. I think the series will really catch hears when it starts dropping! 
4. Is CCMG gonna be reunited anytime soon? When is Field Trip gonna drop?
MT: Haha yeah we’ve been out in different places, Tommy and J.Ross had gone to Colorado, Tommys still out there. But we haven’t broken up or anything so there won’t be any reunion per se. It’ll be a few months before another CCMG compilation or posse tape like Field Trip comes out, but you can expect some singles in the near future!
5. What do you think your next move should be as an artist?
MT: The previous, current, and next moves are all getting my production skills up. I’ve spent the past 8 or 9 months working with FL Studio, improving my craft. I still have infinite room to grow though so that’s what I’m the most focused on. My other next move is to make more of a presence in the area of social change, using art to spread a message of positivity and progressiveness. Like making beats that give people a positive but adrenaline-fueled energy, with lyrics that lay out my ideas on how the world can progress into something greater. That’s what I’m doing next 
6. How have things changed for you since the first interview we did last year?
MT: Hmm I just finished my second year of college so my number of credits has changed haha. I’m at JSU now and so I’ve been absorbing the campus and its energy, maturing through it all. I’ve had some people leave my life in the past year but just as many people entering it. And honestly I can say the quality of my production has definitely changed, for the better haha. Now I just gotta keep it up! 
7. What all influences your production sound?
The main influence is a Southern hip-hop sound because that’s what I heard the most growing up. But I did hear other types of music around my mom, like Jill Scott Neo-Soul type music so that has an influence in my sound. There’s also definitely a psychedelic influence in my beats. Ironically a lot of non-music influences my sound. I’ve basically been in love with the Harry Potter series since I was like 7, and that magic is still inside of me. So naturally when I start producing, I make something that can bring out that magic in me and anyone else who hears it! HP had its dark moments though, like everything else in life, so after hearing old Triple 6 Mafia for the first time, I knew I could create a dark sound that represented that other side of reality that usually gets overlooked. But the most unusual thing that influences my production sound is the future I see the world heading for. Long story short, Earth is probably doomed unless we all start changing how we feel about it. So my sounds sometime come off very natural to represent the positive future we could have. On the flip side, my sounds can have an apocalyptic cyber vibe because the future could be mostly computers and destruction of life as we know. 
Tripsta has a drawn inspiration from a wide variety of artists and genres. You can definitely hear the eclectic influences in his music. Some of his favorite bands and artists include: Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, A$AP Ferg & Rocky, Juicy J, Three 6 Mafia, SpaceGhostPurrp, Snoop Dogg, various 60’s British Invasion bands, Michael Jackson, Gucci Mane, Jefferson Airplane, Bee Gees, Prince, Lil Wayne, ABBA, and Ace of Bass.
I’m anxious to see what he’s gonna drop. He’s always creative and trying out new sounds.
He recently released his latest project “Retro Wave” and had a few of the tracks off of there featured on our first mixtape “Sativa Symphonics” and both can be found on I like his sound and the trippy subject matter. Plus the beats that him and TrelleGotWings cook up are a mix of trap drums, video game samples and electronic influence. Check out a few tracks from Tripsta’s “Retro Wave” below.
Here’s the link for the whole tape:
Stay connected with Mystic Tripsta via IG and SoundCloud!