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ill Phil is one of the dopest producers working in Jackson right now. His tracks are uniquely crafted with a diverse array of sounds and influences. T...

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ill Phil is one of the dopest producers working in Jackson right now. His tracks are uniquely crafted with a diverse array of sounds and influences. The amount of progression he’s displayed since he started audio engineering in the Summer of 2013 is astounding. He stays true to his Brooklyn roots and infuses it with a dashes of Southern spice on occasion. His music background grew organically from him playing drums at church back home at Brooklyn. He went on to be a member of the War and Thunder Drumline at JSU as a cymbal player. I got the chance to catch up with him and get the rundown on a few of my favorite tracks that he’s produced. Check out what he had to say below:



Gud Gas was featured on the debut compilation mixtape from Scraper Gang “Black Friday”. It is a funky, THC-laced flip of the classic James Brown track “The Big Payback”. This one always gets the crowd lit at any event.

HH: What was the inspiration for this track? Did you all have the song concept first or the beat?

IP:  Good Gas was an idea of Loud Pack Weezy’s and C. White’s. We had been listening to the payback album around the time we first started recording heavy. They gave me the idea to chop up the track and I just added drums to give it more kick!

HH: Who provided the James Brown style vocals for the track?

IP: I put my own vocals on the track while recording but there are chops from the original song as well.

HH: This is one of my favorite songs to see you all perform live. Where does it rank on your list?

IP: There’s so much music I can’t really rate it. I just know it’s a funky track!

So High

So High is featured on ill Phil’s project “Ethi-DOPE-ia”and is one of my favorite tracks on the tape. The lush, rising beat breathes extra life into the melodic crooning of Phil and the assists from Loud Pack Weezy and C. White. This is definitely not a track to sleep on.

HH: This is one of my favorite track productions. The way it builds up at the beginning is amazing. What did you sample to create this beat or was it all original composition?

IP: So High was a conceptual track I decided to do for “ethi-DOPE-a’. it was basically a weed but I wanted to put a sophisticated spin on the approach. I didn’t use any samples on So High, all the instrumentation is original. 

HH: Is this your most musically complex beat?

IP: It isn’t the most complex musically. I did, however, have to find the right textures to create the feel I wanted for the record.

HH: I feel like you don’t get to perform this song enough live. Where does it rank in your personal catalog?

IP: If I had a top 5 for ethi-DOPE-ia, So High would be number 4. I love how the track takes you to another world, and it is definitely one of those that gives the album one of its many colors to choose from.

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