Clouds and Crayons “Love Soliloquy” Album Release Show

Clouds and Crayons “Love Soliloquy” Album Release Show


By Malcolm Morrow   Last Friday, I went to the first show I’ve attended in three months. I picked a great one to get back into the scene an...

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By Malcolm Morrow


Last Friday, I went to the first show I’ve attended in three months. I picked a great one to get back into the scene and I finally got the chance to see the homies Astin Rocks and Loki Antiphony’s electro soul duo Clouds & Crayons.

The vibe was relaxed, open minded and inviting. The music was dope throughout. There was an extremely diverse crowd of people all there to hear some dope music and pick up some good vibes and positive energy from the music and the crowd.

The opening act, a young woman named Audri from Grenada, got things off to an excellent start with a number of soulful songs. Her voice reminded me of Jazmine Sullivan; strength and passion. Her songs were inspirational, cautionary, personal and revealing.


Next up was Physics for Poets, the collaborative effort of DJ Silent G and DJ Brik -A-Brak. The set was lit from the jump with political audio snippets interlaced with music from Killer Mike, Curren$y and more. Very trippy vibes and plenty of auditory delights.


The Headliner was amazing. The entire set wcas ethereal and felt like visiting another dimension for a concert. Astin’s voice and goddess like attire commanded the energy of the entire room. The mellow instrumentals ebbed and flowed with tempo and tone. The range of vocalizations that Astin employs is impressive. She sung, did spoken word and even gave us some bars. Loki’s production was excellent and his stage performance consisted of several instruments that he played himself. This included a drum machine, keyboard and a guitar.


The concept of love is abundant throughout. Whether it pertains to relationships or self love. “Contradiction” is one of my favorite tracks because it does a great job of illustrating the struggles of modern times. The labels that people try to stick you with. It’s ok to be conscious and still have an appreciation for things deemed ratchet by the masses. This is what makes life complex and interesting. People have begun striving to be one dimensional instead of being eclectic and open.

Never Make Love” is great also. It’s about forcing love to happen instead of letting it develop naturally. It seems similar to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, telling of the reasons why this toxic situation has continued for so long and why it has to end.

The night was great and the music was entrancing. The depths of the content was also healing and eye opening. Definitely excited to hear more from them in the future. The duo is currently working on the visual album for the project and I’m sure it will have an even stronger effect. Astin is directing it has already begun shooting.


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