Creative Spotlight: Christopher Windfield

Creative Spotlight: Christopher Windfield


By Malcolm Morrow   Christopher Windfield is a renaissance man. Working within his production company, Drawn Up Films, he juggles the mediums of ...

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By Malcolm Morrow

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Christopher Windfield is a renaissance man. Working within his production company, Drawn Up Films, he juggles the mediums of drawing comics, tattooing, web design, and filmmaking and blends them together in ways you wouldn’t expect. The stories he chooses to tell are innovative and freshly constructed; his ideas don’t come across as rehashes or homages.

His film concepts are original and offer plenty of thought provoking elements in the entertainment. Projects like “Believe” and “Project Username” are interesting pieces of fiction that seem so close to reality it’s eerie. “Believe” in particular is quite similar to Dylan Roof’s slaughter of 9 Black people in a church; even though the film was released before it ever happened. That kind of insight into society and its complexities is rare.

Windfield has also directed a number of music videos with interesting storylines and visual concepts for artists such as 5th Child, Chief Lion, and Antwone Perkins. His videos for “Walkaway Love”, “2Young2Die” and “Conversation with a Junkie” are some of the best music videos I’ve seen come out since starting this blog.

However, his latest film project, in collaboration with James Theres, “30th of May” switches gears entirely. It is a documentary film about the Natchez, MS Memorial Day celebration that dates back to 1889. The film deeply explores this tradition in four segments that encapsulate the stages of evolution through the years. It was accepted into a couple of major film festivals and continues to gain more momentum. Visit to get further details.

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The artist, known as Pencil also has a new comic book in the works entitled “K.I.D.s” which is an acronym for Killers In Disguise. The comic is focused on a group of genetically engineered children created to carry out acts of violence and terrorism for the government to maintain control of the populace. The 28-page first issue is now available on this site. It is a great for comics, especially if you’re a fan of books that intertwine action and mystery.


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Windfield is currently prepping to release a 60-page graphic novel in March. This will contain the first two issues of the comic and will be available in physical copies.


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Be sure to support and follow him @dat_dude_pencil on Instagram and Twitter. Christopher Windfield on Facebook.