Creative Spotlight: Vintag3 God

Creative Spotlight: Vintag3 God


By Malcolm Morrow   I recently had the opportunity to interview the rising photographer Vintag3 God. This talented 20-year old hails from South J...

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By Malcolm Morrow


I recently had the opportunity to interview the rising photographer Vintag3 God. This talented 20-year old hails from South Jackson and has been building a name for himself throughout the creative circles of the growing art scene here in the city. His unique, eye-catching style first got my attention after he was one of the featured lenses at the 2016 edition of The Jackson Hip Hop Awards. I’ve been following him on Instagram ever since that night and have been increasingly impressed with the ways he’s been developing his craft. His stylistic touches are nice to see from such a young artist.

“Photography is my passion. I love taking photos. Anyone you ask can tell you that I’m always happy when I take photos. It is my way of showing people half of the world through my eyes/lens.”
In the past he has been connected with locally based collective Then Or The End which was founded by fellow photographer TheBestestLexis and included artists Rosewood Swing and Franke V. He has since branched out to form his own brand, Hippissippi with his brother and co-creator Trilla.


During this time he was able to truly find the exact way in which he wanted to present his work to the public and figure out what he wanted as his signature. “With any of my work I want to tell a story. Through each photo, I try to show a bigger picture of my city/state to the rest of the world. It is more than just a photo, it’s a vision of what or where you could be.”

He has big plans for 2017 and hopes to see more success in his field. ” My goal is to be known in my city. That’s why my prices aren’t as high as people would expect me to charge. I want people to see my work.  I believe it is worth the pay cut starting out but my main focus this year is branching out and working with underrated models coming up in the industry.  I never try to rush anything. I believe everything will fall into place when the time is right.”
For now, Vintag3 says to be on the lookout for more themed photoshoots and collaborations with some of the other rising artists contributing to the culture. “I’m working on building my brand and trying to bring along the authentic people that I’ve been affiliated with. I’m not selfish. Everyone deserves a plate but only if they fix it themselves after I cook.”
The South Jackson native is also working on a mixtape titled Xannyland that features the lead single “Fadeaway“. He says he’s found more inspiration locally than he has from the music industry at large. “When it comes to music, I really only listen to the local underrated artists that are better than most mainstream acts in my opinion. This includes artist such as AkaPedro, Ant200, Brian King, NewGeneration Pooh, DevMaccc, Zhane and more.”
To stay updated follow him via Instagram @Vintag3God
Listen to his single “Fadeawayhere.