Damn the Man! Save the Offbeat! Benefit Event

Damn the Man! Save the Offbeat! Benefit Event


  Offbeat is one of the most important places for independent creatives and entrepreneurs in the city of Jackson. When I returned to my hometown ...

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Offbeat is one of the most important places for independent creatives and entrepreneurs in the city of Jackson. When I returned to my hometown from my two years at USM; I was pleasantly surprised to see such a vibrant arts community developing here in the city. I had recently started TheHoodHippie.com and there was a large variety of talented people from all mediums creating.

I heard about Midfest and saw that one of my long time music community role models, DJ Young Venom, was opening a shop with all of my favorite weird items in one convenient location. Upon walking through the doors, I immediately saw the potential for greatness that was contained in that building.

Since then Offbeat has become a nexus of the creative minds here in the city. They have held events for independent artists, the school district, rising entrepreneurs and many more. The energy that is felt when you’re inside is unlike anything else. It’s always good vibes and great people.

The unique items sold in the store range from rare records and vinyl figures to great graphic novels, dope apparel and model kits. The selection is varied and features a wide variety of exclusive merchandise.

It is also an art gallery which has displayed the growing visual arts community. Many artists got their start on the walls of Offbeat. Justin Ransburg, Adrienne Domnick, TheBestestLexis and many others have graced the brick interior. By giving this opportunity to minority artists to display their amazing works and it has helped them to reach wider audience of supporters.

The impact that Offbeat has had on the music community is amazing. Prior to Offbeat, the hip hop community was lacking in unity and spread out across the city. Offbeat gave us a headquarters of sorts to network and build. The sheer volume of records, cassettes, turntables and CD’s make this a music lover’s dream. The perfect place to spend a day trying to catch just the right vibe to create something dope.

Offbeat has also been utilized by the Jackson Public Schools District, The Graphic Content Book Club, The Jackson Indie Music Week Committee and much more. This building is so much more than just bricks and mortar. It is a symbol of the evolution and artistic renaissance that is taking place in Jackson.


It’s a place where everyone is welcome. The vibes are always beautiful. The crowd is chill. The beer is cold. The comics are excellent. The music is always on point. The exclusive merchandise is always dope. The events are for us all, every niche and subculture has been represented.

DJ Young Venom has been a mentor to so many people, just seeing him start his own business and help bring others up with him is an inspiration. He always has a word of advice for the seekers of knowledge, a connect to the community and a dope venue for your events. He’s basically a creative consultant for the dreamers of Jackson. He shows the most love time and time again and now it’s time for us to show him some love.

Come out on Nov. 19 at 7 PM and help us say Damn The Man, Save The Offbeat!

Also support donating to the GoFundMe for this event!