Electronic Music Duo "BomBassic" In Jackson, MS at OffBeat July 8th (Exclusive Interview)


“BomBassic is the musical collaboration of Brucey B and Cpt. HyperDrive focused on creating sound full of emotion and energy. Raised on the raw ...

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“BomBassic is the musical collaboration of Brucey B and Cpt. HyperDrive focused on creating sound full of emotion and energy. Raised on the raw sound of NY hip-hop, and groomed in Asheville’s eclectic electronic music scene, they exhibit a wide range of influences. From funk, classical, jazz to glitch-hop, house, and future bass, every resonating genre is explored. With Brucey B on the keys and HyperDrive controlling a custom DJ-FX rack, their high-energy live performance adds an incredibly soulful dimension to their sound. BomBassic’s music is always growing, in different directions, looking for new ways to connect with the listener and their heart.”
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They’ll be bringing their sound to Jackson, MS at OffBeat, a local hotspot for live hip hop, electronic and DJing. Their remix of “I Got Love” by Nate Dogg is trippy and has deep grooves that take the listener on journey to good vibes.
I’m interested to see them perform live. I wonder what their live show looks like? Probably a spaced out, colorful collage of light and music.
I got the chance to catch up with one half of the duo, Cpt. HyperDrive, and got to know a little more about them. Check it out Below:
1. How did you all meet and decide to join forces?
CPT. HD: We met back in Long Island, NY in junior high thru mutual friends. We were acquaintances at first and went to hip hop shows in NYC thoughout high school. I (Rob) went away to college in Florida and after some bad decisions, I returned home looking for a purpose. Bruce and a few our friends had been working together as a hip hop group called, Illest Rhyme Droppaz or IRD. I would go their studio sessions to just watch and listen. After a few months, I asked Bruce if he could teach me how to sample and use an MPC. Our friendship started to really grow from that point. 
2. Is electronic music a major scene in Asheville, NC? What brought you all to Jackson, MS?

CPT HD: There is a huge electronic scene here in Asheville. We were home to Moogfest and Mountain Oasis (both major electronic music festivals). Not only do the biggest acts in world come to play this small mountain city, but we believe the talent here is world class and could tour internationally. Some already have like Marley Carroll, Aligning Minds and In Plain Sight. The music scene in general is outstanding. The problem here is deciding on which show to go to. 

Jackson, MS was recommended by our friend Amhal aka AF the Naysayer who played Offbeat Records. He also has a played an event that we throw here in Asheville called BEAT LIFE. It is a collective of DJs, producers, MCs, visuals artists, and writers with forward thinking sound and vision. We bring artists from around the county such as AF the Naysayer, Monopoly, Blockhead, Professor Logik, Difference Machine and more.  Although all BEAT LIFE events have been only held in Asheville, we want to make it an international community. Hopefully we can make a BEAT LIFE event in Jackson sometime in the future. 
We are also interested in the history and culture of Jackson, especially since it seems it seems to have a strong hip hop community. Playing a record store is how we first started performing so this will be a nostalgic experience for us. 
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3. What’s next for you all?
CPT. HD: In the near future, we have a headlining show in Asheville with the BEAT LiFE fam at the Mothlight, Saturday, June 27th. We also have our mini tour down south to NOLA in the beginning of July. We have shows booked in Birmingham, Jackson, NOLA and Baton Rouge.New merch is in the works, We are redesigning our T-shirts and stickers, but we have something unique in the pipelines. We have a few more shows booked this summer in Atlanta, Athens, Charlotte, and Boone and working on fall dates around the southeast. Next year, we hope to get some gigs on the west coast or somewhere outside of the SE to expand our reach and be able to experience this beautiful country
4. What kind of emotion and energy do you want the crowd to feel when you all are on stage?
CPT. HD: The main emotion we want people to feel is soul. We put so much of our time, energy, love and heart into our music and live performance, we just hope the listener/audience can feel some semblance of that. We also want everyone to have a positive and uplifting experience. Music delivers a message and we are conscious of that fact and make it a point to not use sounds, styles and images that represent the negative side. We do make music that may be dark and emotional, but it is never really aggressive or in your face. 
Commercial “EDM” pushes the consumption, party your face off environment and we don’t vibe with that at all. We want people to connect with our music, not the scene. 
5. Are there any artists local or mainstream that you all want to work with in the future?

CPT. HD: Bruce – As far as collaborations, I plan to work with my younger brother Noah who is an outstanding young violinist. Other local artists I plan to work with are Musashi Xero, Panther God, Kendra Warren, and EmE. 

Rob- I plan on working with few local horn players such as Sean Singer and fellow co-worker Steve Mass. There is an amazing soul/R&B vocalist Rhoda Weaver that I plan on working with as well. She has pipes that will stop you in your tracks. Really pumped for that one!
As far as mainstream, I would say Elephant Revival. They’re not mainstream as far as their sound and style, but definitely well known. I have remixed a song of theirs and really love their sound. I also plan on collabing with NY based producer, Mint. He has a really fresh sound that’s rooted in hip hop. That should be fun. 
BomBassic – There are numerous instrumentalists here in Asheville that we have plans on working with. We have a document of all the musicians in town that we meet and when the time is right, we will reach out for a collab. We also have plans to work with the talented producer and former Ashevillian, Peripheral in the future.  
6. Any upcoming projects, videos etc. coming soon?
CPT. HD: We are in the works on a new BomBassic EP titled, Acceleration. We plan on releasing this by the end of the summer. Very excited to share this because it some of our best work yet and sounds super fresh, futuristic and soulful. Both Bruce and i are working on solo projects as well. My solo project, Cpt HyperDrive, has a debut in EP coming close to completion and Brucey B is in the works on an all original extended mix. We hope to be able to produce a video this year. Bruce went to the Asheville Music Video Awards and was inspired by the high quality videos put out by local musicians and film makers. If we are able to complete this, we hope to have BomBassic be apart of next year’s AVL Music Video award show. 
Check out BomBassic.com to stay updated on the band’s music and tour dates an follow them on SoundCloud!


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