Featured Artist: Brittnee Moore a.k.a Bbymutha


Brittnee Moore a.k.a Bbymutha is a 24 year old female rapper coming out of Chattanooga, TN (which is also the hometown of T.D.E’s latest pickup ...

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Brittnee Moore a.k.a Bbymutha is a 24 year old female rapper coming out of Chattanooga, TN (which is also the hometown of T.D.E’s latest pickup Isaiah Rashad). She’s the mother of two sets of twins, owns Goldhouse Clothing Boutique (which you ladies should definitely check out, here’s the link: http://goldhouseboutique.bigcartel.com/) and she’s one of the the coldest women in the game on the mic. I’ve been peeping out her artistic growth since like 2011 and she’s consistently dropped dope music and fashion for people to check out. She’s currently prepping for the release of her latest mixtape #Belkin54G (named after her dad’s semi-functional wifi router that she used to download beats) and I got the chance to talk with her about everything that’s been going on in her world, check it out below:


1. Me: Why did you change your name from Vanity Gold?

BM: I changed my name from Vanity Gold, but most people knew me as Cindyy Kushh. I had been Cindyy since I was like 17 or 18 and I felt like I had outgrown that shit, which was weird because there were people who really thought my name was Cindyy. So I came up with Vanity Gold but that shit seemed hella dated. Like 10 years from now Vanity Gold would be played the fuck out.  I came up with Bbymutha because of course I am a baby mom but I remember getting made fun of by my exes OTHER girlfriend about how I ain’t shit but a baby mother. And it kinda stuck with me. I tend to flip everything that people see as negatives into beneficial shit, u know.


2. Me: What inspired you to start making music?

BM: I’ve been writing raps since I was in the 10th grade, but I wrote poems since like 4th grade, I used to get awards for the shit. I remember when I was in 6th grade this girl used to bully me so I wrote a poem about how I was gonna beat her ass and my friend put it in her locker. It caused this big ass uproar at the school lol. In 10th grade me and my cousins had a rap group called Money Ova Niggaz and we would sit in the back of Science class and make up dumb ass raps lol. But today my friends inspire me to make tracks, I make music for us. Shit we feel everyday, how we turn up, the life we living, the life we shooting for, all that.


3. Me: Who/What is your biggest musical influence?

BM: The hood is my musical influence. I’ve lived on both sides of the gate but nothing inspires me more than what I see living on Sheridan Ave. everyday. Like man its crackheads out here that’ll come up to your front porch and will sing they ass off, I’m talking bout huge pipes, shoulda been using the talent god gave them, but they on my porch singing for change and canned goods. A lotta strippers, hood rich females that don’t even want to get out, they just want to stunt on the hood…it’s a show. Its what I’m always writing about. My sexuality is also a big influence on my music, I like to fuck and I’m not ashamed to talk about it.


4. Me: What does the word success mean to you?

BM: I guess success is what you make it. I don’t think its defined by anything material. One day at a time. Shit surviving another day is success to me.


5. Me: You have one of the wildest and most creative styles I’ve ever seen. What is your philosophy on fashion?

BM: Wear wtf you want. There’s no philosophy, no rules, nothing is off limits. As long as you’re comfortable, rock it. Fashion is supposed to be fun, especially as a female. We have hips, ass and boobs, like why not decorate that shit.


6. Me: What motivates you to keep going in this music game?

BM: Nothing motivates me. I just like to create.


7. Me: What are your favorite tracks off of #Belkin54G?

BM: $$$, Raw Shea Butta and Beautiful Ratchet Pt. 2


8. Me: Are you currently working on any new projects?

BM: I’ve already started working on my second tape, WEAVE, that’s it for right now I believe.


9. Me: How’s business going over at Goldhouse Boutique? You stay having new styles for the ladies.

BM: Business is booming tbh. Hella unexpected. Shoutout to Memphis, that’s where a LOT of my clientele is from.


10. Me: Do you have a crew backing you or are you strictly a solo artist?

BM: I’m a solo artist but I do have my team. Chanel No. 1 is my assistant, and then there’s my homegirl Mandy Le Chic, my photographer/best friend Jaimie, my producer Tavi and my videographer Jaz the RAFL. I want more girls. I want to bring back a positive vibe of women uplifting each other for all the shit niggas made us hate each other over. Bitches are the most misunderstood people on the planet. I love u all.


11. Me: What does the future hold for Bbymutha and Mandy Le Chic?

BM: Oh yeeaaa that’s right. Mandy Le Chic and I are doing a tape together. Mandy isn’t a rapper though, she sings. For that Stoner Remix, I wrote her verse but we are doing a tape together soon. She’s gonna show off some of her writing skills and the whole nine, so watch out for that. Mandy is super creative, man.


Here’s a SoundCloud playlist of some of the tracks she’s released as appetizer’s for #Belkin54G and one of my personal favorites from back in her Vanity Gold days called “Drugs”:


If you wanna stay in contact with the lovely Brittnee Moore a.k.a Bbymutha, hit her up on these sites:

Twitter: @trapmermaid

Instagram: bbymutha

Tumblr: goldhouse.tumblr.com

Goldhouse Boutique: http://goldhouseboutique.bigcartel.com/