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Jep Roadie, also goes by JproD (pronounced like Jeapordy), is an artist from New England that is working to bring a new sound to the game. He will soo...

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Jep Roadie, also goes by JproD (pronounced like Jeapordy), is an artist from New England that is working to bring a new sound to the game. He will soon be releasing his latest project #Regal which is going to be hosted by Jojo Simmons of “Run’s House” and Global Grind. His latest single is “We Here Now (So Much Smoke)” which can be heard on his official SoundCloud page. I spoke with JproD on Twitter and got the chance to get some insight on what inspires his craft and what he thinks of the current climate of the music industry. Check out what he had to say below:

“(The Music Game) is a bunch of trend thieves, a lot of imitation and even more lies. I wanna bring back that ruggedness to music and make it cool to say what we really feel. I’m not concerned with being politically correct; I’ll leave that to the politicians. I want to make it cool to be yourself in 2014; I promise it’s okay to be a Black musician and not wear Jordans. That’s exactly what I am, a Black musician. I’m not just a rapper, emcee or a hip hop artist. I’m a Black artist creating music. I’ve never been conventional and I don’t feel like that’s possible for me. I’m too comfortable in my own skin to ever try to be something that I’m not. I don’t care if people regard me as a genius; I only care about writing genuine lyrics, crafting attention grabbing hooks and creating my own sound. I make music to address the feelings that I have. I hope that by being honest about emotions helps people that have those same feelings articulate themselves better than they did before. All of the subject matter that I cover in my music are things I have actually done, emotions I have really felt and things I have really seen happen. I don’t care what anyone thinks of what I’m creating; my own Dad’s opinion doesn’t matter to me. So please don’t think that yours will affect me. There’s a group of real artists in the world that have had their culture stolen from them, I am one of those artists. I was born to attempt to change the world through music, I know that sounds cliche’ because so many artists have said it before. However, the difference between me and the rest is that I plan on proving it. I’m not trying to spark a revolution; I just want to make the art of music sacred again. Like Drake once said, “You know it’s real, when you are who you think you are”. I just want to be a legend for the right reasons. “Regal” is my story and #TrifeLife is my way. I am JproD. Bless.”

Here’s a few tracks off of his SoundCloud to give you an idea of his sound and the JproD experience:

We Here Now Artwork

Here’s the lead single off of “Regal” called “We Here Now (So Much Smoke)