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Jhamasa Corinthian is a rapper/singer duo based out of Jackson, MS and an associated act with musician collective The G.R.O.U.P. (Check out the featur...

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Jhamasa Corinthian

Jhamasa Corinthian

Jhamasa Corinthian is a rapper/singer duo based out of Jackson, MS and an associated act with musician collective The G.R.O.U.P. (Check out the feature on the whole squad here: http://wp.me/p4t6H9-5K).

Jhamasa is the female rapper/singer half of the duo and hails from Los Angeles, CA and Corinthian is the male rapper coming out of Tougaloo, MS. The duo met while they were attending college at Jackson State University during their freshman year in 2008 but did not record their first track, “Generation”, together until 2013.

Corinthian was a member of Sonic Boom of the South Marching Band, which is where he gained a lot of his musical inspiration and began creating beats during his spare time in his dorm room. He met Ray Kincaid, a founding member of The G.R.O.U.P. , in 2010 and joined with his collective G.r.o.u.p. Nation.

Jhamasa and Corinthian were unsatisfied with their first effort “Generation”, which was featured on Corinthian’s solo mixtape effort “Dope Arcade”, and decided to form Jhamasa Corinthian. During the Spring and Summer of 2013 they began working on their experimental music project “Retro Love Arcade”. They would go to Jhamasa’s lake house in Byram everyday and spend hours practicing their vocals. The project was mixed by Hotep Slowsteps of the music group Red Planet and was released to the public on August 18, 2013.

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“Retro Love Arcade” contained many samples from video games and the works of 90’s artists that the duo admired. The majority of the artists sampled were not from America; with the exception of “Just Chillin” which features a looped sampled from the theme song of the hit TV series “New York Undercover” and was produced by Grizzly F.O.G of Hampton, VA. Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact also played an integral role in the production of the album; which utilized several samples and sound bites from the game. “Dope-Shish” was produced by Rukentsu of the Virgin Island and “Musical Essence” was produced by Patrick De Meyer and Oliver A. of Belgium who also helped create the billboard hits “Anastasia” and “Pump Up The Jam”. One of Jhamasa Corinthian’s future goals is to travel to Belgium and work with them in-studio. Telepopmusick of France responsible for “Game Over, So DLB” and gave the duo positive feedback on the album. The international production credits of the album are impressive to say the least and let you know that Jhamasa Corinthian is far from the average.

Jhamasa Corinthian’s personal favorite track they’ve done is “Silent Murder”. It was inspired by the Nas track of the same and features a looped sample of Sade’s song “Fear”. Nas and Sade are Corinthian’s two favorite artists of all time. Even though he is not featured on the track, Corinthian wrote the song for Jhamasa, which also features singer Jasmine Dukes of Clarksdale, MS on the hook.

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The duo had fun creating the project and put a lot of hard work and ambition into bringing their sonic vision to life. They never expected it would gain so much attention because of the outdated sound and since they’re from Mississippi everyone expects artists to make trap music and club songs. They’re glad they went with their first minds and created what they originally intended. They have a number of shows lined up at various venues and they are currently working on their new project which is set to drop soon. They say it will have a different feel from “Retro Love Arcade” but they are hoping that it will be much more successful.

Corinthian dropped an EP entitled “I’m Living Life, U Mad, Illest Nigga Always Too Immaculate” on May 11, 2014. It was a solo project featuring tracks he had recorded during college that he wanted to put out now so that he could focus all of his energy on the upcoming release Jhamasa Corinthian’s next album.

Only time will tell what heights this duo is going to reach but it sure will be interesting to watch the rise. I got a chance to talk with Corinthian of the duo and ask him a few questions. He’s a real cool, down to earth guy that is truly in love with the art he creates. Here are his responses:

1. Me: What inspired you all to start making music together?

CO: We both love music. Since freshman year in college we’ve been talking about collaborating on music but it didn’t happen until we were nearly out the door. I think the universe designated proper timing.


2. Me: What was it like having your music be so well received after having doubts?

CO: It was exciting and felt like it was energy well spent. I feel encouraged to know that so many people can relate to our message and emotions.


3. Me: How did it feel to be featured on MTV.com?

CO: It was just a feeling of knowing what we have to do to get what we want. We want to perform on MTV Unplugged but MTV is just a small goal. We have greater things we want to do. We want to make an impact on society, it’s definitely not all about the mainstream. We want to be regular people making music for the world! We don’t need all that Jay Z and Beyonce’ bull lol.


4. Me: Are you all currently working on a new project?

CO: We just finished an EP and have begun the process for a new project.


5. Me: What message do you hope people receive from your music?

CO: I want people to know that you win and you learn in all that you do, there is no loss involved. I want people to accept their emotions for what they are so they can move past them. Lastly, I want people to dig deep and not rely on society’s validation when making decisions.


6. Me: What does the word success mean to you?

CO: Success to me is overcoming life’s obstacles with honesty, self love, humor and intelligence.


7. Me: Are there any other artists from Mississippi that you all would be interested in working with?

CO: Mississippi has so many talented musicians, we welcome all who are as dedicated and passionate as we are.


8. Me: How did you all come up with the theme for “Retro Love Arcade”?

CO: Retro meaning 90’s. Love is what the project was mainly about. Whether it was for a person, dope-shish (the finer things in life), money, weed (CMF for Jhamasa lol), bad or good love. It didn’t matter we talked about it. Arcade is a G.r.o.u.p. Nation thing, this was the third arcade mixtape.


9. Me: Are there any artists that inspire you all creatively besides Nas and Sade?

CO: Yes. Kelis, Gyptian, Passion Pit, Telepopmusick, UGK, Three 6 Mafia. Basically anything that sounds good to us. We don’t discriminate genres. If it catches our ear, we love it.


10. Me: What do you think the future holds for Jhamasa Corinthian?

CO: Endless possibilities. Just to name a few: apparel, shows and of course more music!



Here is a video for Jhamasa Corinthian’s single “Just Chillin” off of their album “Retro Love Arcade”:


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utHfAYRxMRU&w=560&h=315]



Here’s a SoundCloud playlist of Corinthian’s solo EP:


[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/34488570″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]



Here’s a direct link to download “Retro Love Arcade”:





If you want to stay in contact with Jhamasa Corinthian to know when they drop singles, videos or albums check out the sites on the pic below:


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