Featured Artist: K Juan of Krown Royalty Entertainment


I was introduced to K Juan’s music by my friend (and former Hood Hippie Featured Artist) Marcus G. Brown, I was certainly glad he did. The first...

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I was introduced to K Juan’s music by my friend (and former Hood Hippie Featured Artist) Marcus G. Brown, I was certainly glad he did. The first project that I listened to from the Krown Royalty Entertainment was “Snuffy’s Lounge”. “Snuffy’s Lounge” is an ode to the smooth, playa mentality of days gone by. The song “Son of Goldie” featuring lines from the cult classic film “The Mack” is the perfect evidence of this. The liquor tinged lyrics and old school style instrumentals add to the atmosphere and you begin to feel like you’re an audience member watching the headlining act at a juke joint.

K Juan has also released a number of videos including the excellent “Moments in Ecstasy” which features the beautiful Breonna Black (@Jestin_Credible) as the leading lady. The video features K Juan being invited into a bar for drink by a sexy bartender and things begin to escalate from there. Check out the video below:


The young rhymer has released several standalone tracks via his Soundcloud page (soundcloud.com/krownroyalty) and a 17 track project called “Realmatic”. The mixtape features K Juan lyrically weaving in and out of expertly produced tracks, switching up his subject matter and flow as the tape progresses. My personal favorite track is “Dopeboy Ambitions” featuring Money Marc. The song starts off with audio sampled from “Paid in Full” and proceeds with Juan venting about his frustrations trying to live on the right path while dopeboys are living large. Check out the entire tape below:

Not only is he focused on making dope music, he also has a clothing line that features his Krown Royalty Brand. Check out his apparel at 1KREw1love.bigcartel.com.


I got the chance to ask K Juan a few questions about his music and himself, he has some very interesting things in the works. Check him out below:

1.How long have you been making music?

KJ: I wrote my first rap when I was ten years old; but I didn’t start taking music seriously until I made it to the seventh grade. I was about thirteen or fourteen then. I recorded my first verse one week before my sixteenth birthday, that’s also when I did my first live performance.

2. Who/What inspired “Snuffy’s Lounge”. I’m feeling that old school vibe.

KJ: The project was spur of the moment. It was three in the morning, me and a couple of my staff members were discussing the industry and my plan for pushing my way in. So we decided to just drop something out of the blue for the people. The songs were pulled from a project I had been working on for about a year and I just came up with the title randomly. At the end though it was like I created a feel for a place where people could relax, mellow out and escape reality.

3. Are you working on any new projects?

KJ: Right now, I’m working on plans for my fifth video. Somewhere in mid to late July, I may revisit the “Snuffy’s Lounge” theme but for now my main focus is the visuals. I want people to get used to seeing my face, haha. I’m also gonna be working on my first commercial release for the upcoming year.

4. What is your favorite video that you’ve done so far?

KJ: That’s a tough one. I’ma have to go with “Moments in Ecstasy” though. Drinking Hennessy and having a beautiful lady dance for me is only part of the reason, haha. But seriously, it was actually the least stressful of all of my videos. It was only the two of us on a closed set, so it was easier for us to slip into our comfort zone and give a great performance. I also didn’t have to worry about making sure people showed up on time or keeping tabs on people that are on set. But the main reason is because Harold (The Director) and Breonna (Co-Star) are great people to work with. Who knows, we may have a follow up in the works.

5. What does the word success mean to you?

KJ: To me success is conquering everything that you set out to do. No matter how many times you heard no or had curve balls thrown your way; you had a goal in mind and you told yourself that nothing was going to stop you from achieving it. Like Pusha T said, “Success is what you make it, Take it how it comes”.

Stay updated on everything that K Juan and Krown Royalty Entertainment drop on the people at the following sites:

Twitter: @KJuanKR

Website: 1krew1love.com