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Koye Ali is a 22 year Columbus, MS native that has been rapping and writing since he was 15 years. He began recording when he started college with The...

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Koye Ali is a 22 year Columbus, MS native that has been rapping and writing since he was 15 years. He began recording when he started college with The Lifted Minds Music Crew, which also includes Gator, Ma$on, and Rion. Ali recently released his EP “Paper View” which was produced entirely by Chase N. Cashe, known for his collaborative production team called Surf Club along with super-producer Hit Boy. The EP flows from topic to topic with ease and Ali’s lyrics vibe perfectly over the bouncy, spacey productions from Cashe. My personal favorite tracks are “Royalty” which is an ode to the high life and a look at the ambitions of Ali and “I’m The Man” which see’s Ali flexing his lyrical muscle and delivering a rapid fire first verse that sets the tone for an impressive second verse from Gangsta De Niro. “Paper View” is definitely something to check out.

I hit Koye up on Twitter and tapped him for an interview, here’s what the budding artist had to say:

1. Me: How did you link up with Chase N. Cashe for the production?
KA: I had been in contact with Chase N. Cashe about a year prior to this EP trying to get some info on his prices & such. Chase has been marketing himself a lot lately and I jumped at the opportunity to get some of his beats in a package type deal.
2. Me: What’s your favorite track off the tape? I’m digging that Royalty.
KA: That’s funny that you bring up Royalty because it’s the first song i wrote for the tape. If I had to choose then I would have to say my favorite song is Grammy Team, it’s the most personal and most recent of the verses on the tape. I wrote them a week before we released the EP. Grammy Team has a lot of hidden meanings.
3. Me: How long did it take you to record the tape?
KA: It only took me about two months to record the entire project, a total of 10 studio sessions I believe. It would’ve been quicker if we had not all been in school during the production phase.
4. Me: What other projects are you working on?
KA: Right now i’m focused on my label mate’s upcoming project, I want his to do better than mine because that’s how much I believe in the overall movement of Lifted Minds Music Crew. He goes by Ma$on. I’m also working with an artist named Rion. He’s a talented rapper for sure.
5. Me: What famous artist would you most like to work with?
KA: As of right now I would have to say Andre 3000, I feel like he is super talented and I could learn so much from him. His storytelling is on another level, and working to get there with him.
6. Me: Who/What is your most major musical influence?
KA: The artist that inspires me the most would have to be Kanye West. My music is also inspired by my bad relationships I’ve had with certain people. Sad but true.
7. Me: What does the word success mean to you?
KA: Success means I have inspired millions of other kids to follow their dreams and not follow the assembly line coming out of the school system. That’s success.
8. Me: What motivates you to keep grinding to get you music heard?
KA: My motivation is the joy I get out of making a new song. i feel like each verse is better than the last and I just want people to feel what I feel in that moment. I love it.
9. Me: Do you think that artists in MS are about to be on the rise soon?
KA: I think the south in its entirety is about to make a big move on the music industry. We were slipping for a sec but we have a new sound now and it’s amazing.
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Here’s the link to download the “Paper View EP” from Datpiff.com: http://www.datpiff.com/Koye-Ali-Paper-View-Ep-mixtape.606479.html


Cover Art for "Paper View"

Cover Art for “Paper View”



Here’s a SoundCloud playlist of the EP as an appetizer:

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If you want to stay updated on new releases from Koye Ali or want to connect with him check him out on these sites:

Twitter: koyeALI_

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/koye-3