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LV Baby is a rapper and member of The Feel Good, a collective of artists that also includes Pell. He recently released a project called “Island&...

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LV Baby is a rapper and member of The Feel Good, a collective of artists that also includes Pell. He recently released a project called “Island” on LiveMixtapes which features collaborations such as Pell, Sir Flywalker and Staccato. LV is a military brat ,born overseas in Japan, that has lived all over the world and absorbed all of those cultures. He moved to Jackson,MS with his mom and brother in the middle of his sixth grade school year and it has been home for him ever since. LV was also featured on Pell’s new album “Floating While Dreaming” on the track “The Never”. His quick, smooth flow and wordplay fit perfectly over the beat that’s both relaxed and energetic all at once. LV says that his music is inspired by life, either by his own or the lives of those around him.

I got the opportunity to learn about LV Baby as an artist and also what makes him tick creatively, here’s what he had to say:

1. Me: What inspired you and The Feel Good to start making music together?

LV: I’m personally inspired by life…. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and everything in between. Music was the common ground between me and the other members of TFG. We all just became homies in the process of making tracks together. Pell and I been kickin it and rappin together since 2006. I linked up with Flywalker, Staccato and Troop when I made it to college.

2. Me: Do you think moving around a lot had an influence on your sound?

LV: Hell yea! When you’re forced to move a lot, you learn to be comfortable in any enviornment. I met people from all walks of life and learned a lot from each encounter. These people literally altered the way I live life. Perspective is everything and your environment has a direct influence on your vantage point.

3. Me: On your latest mixtape “Island” you have the songs “Clouds” and “The Return”. The chemistry between you and Flywalker and you and Pell is damn near magical. What was the creative process behind these songs?

LV: Haha, thanks. I think the three of us have a similar vision and that what makes our creative process and content so cohesive. Clouds was inspired by a relationship ending, it’s really just the story of a nigga trying his best. One line that hints this is, “Lord knows I been trying to do better, but trying don’t matter”.We’re often judged by our victories and losses, not attempts or effort. Return is more of a message than a song.While I’ve been in and out of relationships over the course of my career, personal success is higher on my priority list. I’m young and getting it, so I believe settling down is a luxury I can not afford. I refuse to get comfortable; we too broke to be bored. Real dreamers don’t sleep much you know.

4. Me: What artists have been an influence on you musically?

LV: That’s a difficult question to answer because I’m still getting inspired. People that directly helped me develop my sound and overall range from Kanye West to Starlito (or All Star) to Eminem. My content is more so influenced by the people around me.

5. Me: What message do you want listeners to receive from your music?

LV: Every tape has a different overall message. “Island” was for the loners; it was for everyone that has ever felt alone in a sea of people. The most important message that I hope my listeners receive is to go and gain their own personal success. Not only monetary success, but physical, spiritual and emotional as well. I encourage them to truly get to know themselves and work to reach their full potential. It’s bigger than me, it’s us.

Island Cover Art

Island Cover Art

6. Me: What does the word success mean to you?

LV: Success to me is a daily goal. Have I done everything that I could possibly do today that would make a positive impact on tomorrow? The quote that I live by is, “Life without love is breathing to death”. Time is limited so create a life that you love. Be the person you love. Love yourself, your lifestyle and the people around you. I believe success is when you can honestly say that you love what you do, who you are and who you do it for.

7. Me. Are you currently working on any new projects?

LV: I’m finishing two projects up at the moment. “Life’s a Beach”, which will serve as a follow up to “Island”, and “Life on the Rocks”, which is going to be a follow up to “Soft Music and Hard Liquor”. “Life’s a Beach” is going to be a joint tape that I’m doing with Belgian artist Le De’. Since he’s from Belgium he brought the French language into the project. The two of us aspired to make music that broke the language barrier. I also used my guitar to produce the majority of the project, which will make this my first fully acoustic release. “Life of the Rocks” will be a mix of acoustic and hip hop beats with a more jazzy, euphoric sound.

8. Me: How does it feel to see your homie and TFG member Pell carving out his lane in the game?

LV: It’s dope but at the same time it’s like deja vu. It’s like reality and dreams start to coincide, so his success really isn’t that foreign to me. Pell is talented af, we knew what he could do a long time ago. This is just news to people on the other side of the sound booth. Regardless, it’s refreshing to see his come up from the ground up. It’s also motivating because us TFG niggas are competitive af.

9. Me: Do you think Mississippi is about to be a larger presence on the national music scene?

LV: Hell yea. I won’t stop until it is. Shout out to my homies Eriesse and Coco for their “Dark Horse MS” documentary. The talent in Mississippi is underrepresented but it is definitely on the rise. I believe all it will take is for someone to break down the door. I could be that guy; regardless I have no doubts it will happen. I’m not even a native born Mississippian but I will say this state has had more influence on my life than any other. I’m not here to show Mississippi to the world. I’m here to show myself but Mississippi was definitely instrumental in my creation. All I can do is show how Mississippi influenced me and help create the opportunity for more to do the same. The rest is up to God.

10. Me. What does the future holds for you?

LV: Great things. I’m graduating from college and moving to Atlanta to turn this into something. My website ItsLVbaby.com should be up and running by July. I look forward to making more connections and increasing my network, so if you have a vision, get at me.

Here’s a SoundCloud playlist featuring music from LV’s mixtape “Island” as well as the track he is featured on off of Pell’s album “Floating While Dreaming”. His latest release, “Team Spirit” featuring SLVTER is also included. Listen and Show Love!


Here’s a video from an earlier release from LV Baby called “Higher Learning”:


Go Download “Island” off of LiveMixtapes.com right now!


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