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Melvin Robinson a.k.a Theca Jones has been putting in work on the Mississippi music scene for the past five years. He has released two projects “...

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Melvin Robinson a.k.a Theca Jones has been putting in work on the Mississippi music scene for the past five years. He has released two projects “Bout Time Asshole” and “What They Like” and performed everywhere from Tennessee to Georgia. He’s currently preparing to release his third project “Summer” featuring the lead single “Been Like Dat”, which is a high energy track that’s perfect for cruising to or throwing on at a party to get the crowd turnt up. He’s also working on producing and filming his upcoming film “Sinner Peace” which will be shot in Jackson,MS and will be filmed by Robinson’s content creation company “Canis Canem Edit Productions”. “Sinner Peace” is going to be a college love story about the main characters Brandon and Angela. He’s been pretty quiet on the details so far; so I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see what he has cooking up. Robinson isn’t just a musician and filmmaker, he’s also very involved in the community. He’s been a part of numerous events in the city and he’s gearing up for the second annual “Ball For A Cause” charity basketball tournament that he started, which is taking place on May 24th.

Me and Theca Jones have known each other for a few years, so when I hit him up about doing a feature for the site he was down with no hesitation. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Me: How do you find a balance while doing so many projects at once?

TJ: It’s a struggle. I have a great team behind me though. My manager James Ridgley handles a lot. So does my DJ, Remmy Martin (DJ VSOP). They really keep me grounded and always give me pointers on stuff I could be doing. I also work with Curt McAfee, one of my best friends, on a Youtube fitness page together (youtube.com/kutfit). We all just help each other out.

Kutfit Representing

Kutfit Representing

2. Me: How did you get involved with doing charity events around the city?

TJ: I always wanted to give back to the community that made me the person I am. It’s something that I really love doing. It was a no-brainer to get involved in making the city a better place when I could.

3. Me: What does the word success mean to you?

TJ: Success is relative to individuals. Success can be measured by so man different scales and rulers. Success for me is having a career that is prosperous and allows me to do the things I’ve always envisioned. Honestly, you can only live for yourself.

4. Me: Who is your biggest influence musically?

TJ: Honestly I have a wide range of influences. I know that’s the cliche’ thing to say, but it’s the truth. My mother and father made it a point to not have me stuck on one genre of music. I was listening to everything from Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes to R.E.M. when I was younger. What’s funny is that I wasn’t actually allowed to listen to rap when I was younger. I would have to sneak and watch Yo! MTV Jams and stuff like that.

Good Science

Good Science

5. Me: How did you become interested in making films?

TJ: I’ve been interested in cinema since I was a child. The Christmas of 2000 my mom bought me a camcorder, so I started making home movies and stuff like that. It’s always been something that I stuck with and now I’m hoping that I can make this film work.

6. Me: What inspires you to create art?

TJ: Life inspires me. Different situations that we go through and how those same situations have been experienced by other people; that’s incredible to me. There’s nothing new under the sun and I just like to witness people’s stories and create something from those true life experiences.

7. Me: What message do you hope people receive from your music?

TJ: I just want people to have fun. That’s what most of my music is about. I have songs with “deeper” meanings but it’s all about having a good time at the end of the day. I’ve never been one to make moody music ALL of the time. I mean I’m alive, I’m in good health and I have people that love me. What do I have to be sad about 24/7? Life is great.


8. Me: What does the future hold for Theca Jones?

TJ: A lot of big things hopefully, I’m just along for the ride.


Here’s Theca Jones’ latest single off of the “Summer” EP “Been Like Dat”:

Here’s the teaser video letting everyone know “Summer” is coming soon:

Hit the man Theca Jones up on the following sites if you wanna stay updated on his releases and other events:

Twitter: @ThecaJones

Website: ThecaJones.com

Instagram: ThecaJones