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  Shawn Sutton is a rapper, graphic designer, artist and clothing designer. He released his debut mixtape “Spoken Words” under his st...

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Shawn Sutton is a rapper, graphic designer, artist and clothing designer. He released his debut mixtape “Spoken Words” under his stage name Nick the Floater in January and has been working on getting his Good Vibes clothing line an audience. Shawn is an all around creative soul that can usually be found in the studio, scribbling in his art book or working on a flyer for an upcoming event. Sutton also has a comic strip that he plans on releasing soon via Instagram and it will also be featured right here as well. Me and Shawn been friends since 2012 and we are both members of the Cloud Walker Entertainment crew. I sat down with him and got the chance to pick his brain and find out exactly what drives his creative spirit:


Me: What’s up bruh?

SS: Yooo, what’s up fam?


Me: How long have you been designing your own clothes?

SS: Well the Idea for creating my own brand has been in play for about three years. I didn’t actually start putting anything out until last last year sometime tho.

Me: What inspired you to do it?

SS: The thing that really got me into wanting to start my own brand of shirts is simply because I got sick of promoting all these other brands. I just figured that it would be cool to promote myself for a change.

Me: I feel you on that. How’d you come up with the name Good Vibes?

SS: Shiii “Good Vibes” is what I’m about and what I wanted my brand to be about.


Just Vibe Logo Tee

Just Vibe Logo Tee

Just Vibe Logo Tee Red

Just Vibe Logo Tee Red


Me: I saw on your Instagram that you also have been doing bracelets. How’d you decide to add them to your collection?

SS: Haha honestly I was just making the bracelets for myself and posted them on Instagram. People gave me positive feedback and it went from there.


Good Vibes Bracelet

Good Vibes Bracelet


Me: What other ventures are you working on at the moment?

SS: Right now I’m pushing my music and the clothing line. I’m also working on an Instagram based comic strip that is gonna be based off of my daily life and experiences with my friends. Then I’m working on Sutton Design which is my graphic design brand.


Good Vibes Custom Taxi 12 Design

Good Vibes Custom Taxi 12 Design


Me: Sounds like you grinding heavy bruh. How long have you been drawing and doing graphic design?

SS: I’ve been doing graphic design for about four years now but I’ve been drawing for most of my life.

Me: That’s whats up. I know your music is very important to you and you want people to catch a specific vibe from each track; but what is the main feeling you want to produce in your listeners?

SS: I just want them to feel whatever it is I’m talking about and to feel like they didn’t just waste some time out their lives to listen to my music lol.

Me: Lol, that’s real man. One of my personal favorite tracks off of “Spoken Words” is “FXckWitMe”. How long did it take you to write those verses?

SS: Like an hour and thirty minutes.

Me: That track is a killer. I thought for sure it took a few days, what do you usually use to get your creative juices flowing?

SS: Mango Juice, E&J and of course that sticky green lol.

Me: Sounds about right lol. One last question bruh. What motivates you to keep grinding?

SS: Shiii my fam, my family and my crew.

Exclusive Good Vibes Design

Exclusive Good Vibes Design


If you want to contact Shawn to order custom clothing or check out his latest designs, graphic designs or music features check him out at the following links:


Instagram: @ay_yo_nick

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/ay_yo_nick101