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Recently I’ve been checking out a lot of material being produced by rising Mississippi music brand, The Underground Railroad, and I noticed some...

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Recently I’ve been checking out a lot of material being produced by rising Mississippi music brand, The Underground Railroad, and I noticed something very different about their camp. They had a female DJ on the turntables. I honestly can’t think of any other time that I saw a woman on the 1’s and 2’s in Mississippi; there are certainly several hostess’ in the game but the actual record spinning has always been left to the guys. It’s safe to say that DJ LakeGang broke through that barrier and has been keeping the party live ever since.

Lake “DJ LakeGang” Bundy is 19 years old and comes from the North Mississippi town of Corinth. She became interested in djing after she spent a summer working at a music school in Ashburn, VA and watched the way that the local dj’s could rock the house and move culturally diverse crowds. This sparked her to study the craft of djing and eventually led to her linking up with Camden Da Bastard, the C.O.O. of The Underground Railroad. This connection led to Lake receiving her first set of turntables and she began blazing a trail of shows throughout North Mississippi.

DJ LakeGang was also recently featured in the North Mississippi Daily Journal on the front page! Here’s a link to the full article: http://djournal.com/lifestyle/msu-student-making-way-dj/ Go check out what they had to say about this talented young lady.

Lake Gang also has a mixtape in the works with Mississippi’s most popular independent artist, Hollywood Luck. The project is going to be called “LakeGangOrDrown Vol. 1″and will feature Lake, Luck and a host of other rising Mississippi rappers. She will also be hosting a mix show on UGRRadio.com, a Mississippi based internet radio station. The young turntable rocker has also been added to K. Camp’s DJ Coalition ,Link Up DJ’s, and will be working with him and his label on several upcoming projects.

I got the chance to catch up with the lovely Miss Lake Gang and ask her about how she feels about her success and what she thinks the future holds for her. Check out what she had to say below:

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1. What is the most important thing that someone needs to be a successful DJ?

LG: One of the most important things that makes a successful dj is knowing what the crowd wants to hear. If you’re playing a song that disrupts the flow of the party, then don’t hesitate to change to something new. It’s not about what you want to hear, it’s about what keeps the crowd going.

2. Do you feel like some people have doubted you because you’re a female dj?

LG: No matter what you do in life there is always going to be someone who doubts you. It doesn’t matter though. I try not to worry about what I can’t control, but what I can control is my product. Of course there are still people asking, “Can she really DJ?”. I guess the fact that I’m marketable makes them question my skills. I’m a true student of my craft and I’m always working to be better than I was the day before.

3. What has been your favorite show that you’ve done so far?

LG: My favorite show has to be the first party I did in my hometown of Corinth. It was a refreshing feeling to be in front of crowd and know nearly everyone on a first name basis. It helped me slip into my comfort zone. It was also the first party I ever MC’d. Most of the teens I went to school with and played ball with have good taste in club music so that made it even better mixing for them. At one point someone accidentally turned the power off during the intro of a song but you couldn’t even tell because everyone in the building was rapping the words out loud.

4. Who/what inspires your style on the turntables?

LG: I look up to DJ Screw, Funkmaster Flex and Spinderella. However, I can’t pinpoint exactly who my greatest influence is. I’ve watched so many performances and documentaries, and read so much information, that I feel like I’ve learned something from various DJ’s throughout the country.

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5. What is your biggest achievement so far in your career?

LG: I haven’t been DJing very long, I just got my first set of turntables a few days before Christmas. My greatest achievement so far is making the front page of the North Mississippi Daily Journal for being a dj.

6. How did you come up with the name DJ LakeGang? I think that LakeGangOrDrown Slogan is hella dope by the way.

LG: My manager helped me come up with my dj name. My first name is Lake and anyone can be a gang of themselves. The initials for my slogan LakeGangOrDrown are L.G.O.D., I say it stands for Lake and God because that’s all I need. As long as I’m walking with the Lord and working daily to better my technique, I believe I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to.


7. What does the future hold for DJ LakeGang?

LG: I think my future will be bright as long as I work hard and continue building a close relationship with God. I have a slew of mixtapes that I plan to drop on LiveMixtapes soon with artists such as K. Camp and his Link Up Dj’s Coalition and Mississippi’s hottest artist Hollywood Luck.

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If you want to stay in know on what’s going on with DJ LakeGang and her camp The Underground Railroad, check them out on the following sites:

Twitter: @LakeGangOrDrown

IG: LakeGangOrDrown

Website: UGRRlive.com

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