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Marcus Brown is poet/rapper from Laurel, Mississippi. Every since he was a young child he has had an affinity for the arts, but his passion for writin...

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Marcus Brown is poet/rapper from Laurel, Mississippi. Every since he was a young child he has had an affinity for the arts, but his passion for writing didn’t come until later. Marcus began composing short raps at the tender age of nine, but he didn’t take it very seriously. In the summer between his seventh and eighth grade school years Marcus was introduced to Tupac Shakur, the artist who would change world view. He instantly gravitated to iconic rapper and religiously studied his every work. Marcus always had a interest in poetry, but he attributes his passion for poetry to a summer romance gone wrong and reading The Rose That Grew From Concrete. As of now he’s pushing ahead to make a name for himself and become iconic in his own lane as a poet (Rap is secondary). In January 2014 Marcus published his first book, Just Another Day. The nature of the work is somewhat contradictory, but he attributes the nature of the work to his continuous development as a man. However, Just Another Day is just the beginning. He’s already hard at work on his next book titled La Muse, which will be comprised of romantic poetry dedicated to the woman who serves as his inspiration. His friend Kari Zendejas, will do the cover art and the artwork featured throughout the book. He  believes La Muse (French for “The Muse”) will solidify him as an artist dedicated his craft.

Marcus is a long time friend of mine, I asked him a few questions about his artistry:

Me: How long did it take you to write “Just Another Day”?

MB: Just Another Day is a collections of poems written over the span of about five years. The thing is that when I started writing these poems at 17 years old I didn’t have a plan for any of them so I was writing aimlessly just because I love it so much. I compiled over 300 poems but the book only has about 50 or so. The final section of Just Another Day titled “A PEACE of My Soul” was comprised of the most recent poems.

Me: What is the message you hope people receive from your poetry?

MB: First and Foremost,  I hope that people see the mental and emotional development of a young black man. Mostly, I just want people to understand that love is hard work…it’s more than just a feeling that you get and lose. It’s work…I love poetry but damn it, sometimes coming up with a topic to write on is work, but I can do it because I love it. That’s my main message, and my other message is self-reliance, building a relationship with God, and financial independence.

Me:  Why do you prefer poetry over rap?

MB: With rap I take on a façade and it’s not necessarily my personality when I rap. It’s bits and piece of me in there, but with poetry I can just be me. With poetry it’s cool to tell a girl that you love her and want to be there forever…with rap, not so much. You get “I Need Love” by LL Cool J lol.

Me: Who is the muse that “La Muse” was inspired by? Or do we have to wait til the book comes out to see?

MB: Ah man, I can’t answer that. Just know that the poem “I Want You” was written about my Muse. The thing is, me and “La Muse” are two totally different people from different worlds and experiences. She’s an amazing woman, and I don’t even think she realizes that she’s the inspiration behind a lot of my newer poetry. But the inspiration behind writing a collection of poems dedicated to my muse came from “Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite.” In that album he talks about a particular encounter from beginning to end, and that’s what I want to do with this. Hell I already write about my muse so I might as well make it a book.

Me: What is your definition of success?

MB: Married, a couple of kids, a couple acres of land, doing what I love, and being happy. The end

Me: What other projects are you working on at the moment?

MB: Just “La Muse” and I’m working on a short untitled EP. I’m trying to find the perfect set of beats for our collaboration

Me: If you could work with any artist who would it be and why?

MB: I would definitely have to say my homegirl Kari who did the cover for my last book. She’s a great artist. As far as rappers, I have to say Laidback Mack. We had a pretty good chemistry on “Slow’d Up” although I never thanked you for that hook but it was jamming. Thanks man

Me: When we gone get this collab project popping?

MB: I don’t know. I’m free on the weekends brotha. We can go from there I guess. We’ll be in contact though.

Here are a few tracks of a mixtape that he released entitled “Underground Railroad”:



Here’s a link to his website where you can view his poetry, purchase his book and read his random thoughts:


Follow him on Twitter @MarcusBeDaName1

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