Too Much To Do In Jackson?

Too Much To Do In Jackson?


By Malcolm Morrow This weekend Jackson was jam-packed full of all kinds of events to keep the city entertained and informed. There was once a time whe...

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By Malcolm Morrow

This weekend Jackson was jam-packed full of all kinds of events to keep the city entertained and informed. There was once a time when the common complaint of there’s nothing to do in Jackson. Now it seems as though there isn’t enough time in the day to make it to all of the quality events being organized across the capital city.

There were expos, concerts, art exhibitions, social justice actions and everything in between. Here’s a round-up of some the events I saw floating across my timeline this weekend. This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, there was totally too much going on to feature it all.


The March on MS

Bernie Sanders, Danny Glover and thousands of workers and supporters marched through the streets of Canton, MS on Saturday. The march was held in opposition to the Canton Nissan Plant’s refusal to allow the formation of a union in support of worker’s rights and well-being. The plant workers have been having issues with things such as 401-K’s, pensions, health insurance and worker safety. Nissan has not been willing to hear the worker’s cries for unionization and this march was meant as a way to shine a light on the injustice. By most people’s accounts and media coverage that I’ve seen it was an overwhelming success. This is just one victory in a larger war, however; only time will tell how things will work out in the long run. Congratulations to the workers and those standing in solidarity with their cause.


The Jackson Black Business Expo

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The Jackson Black Pages hosted their 3rd Annual Black Business Expo at the Walter Payton Recreational Center located on the campus of Jackson State University. There were a large variety of businesses set up as vendors including clothing lines, handmade jewelry, natural hair and health products, catering services, self-defense supplies and much more. It was a great opportunity to network with dozens of black-owned businesses in one space. I wasn’t aware there are so many different types of businesses in the city to patronize. Be on the lookout for profiles on some of the businesses and owners connected with very soon.


Art & Music II 

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The Art & Music events are a combination of musical performances, DJing and art presentation that is a sensory treat. The first iteration took place at CS’s and continued in the Midtown Arts community at Offbeat this time around. It was an excellent lineup of artists known for being at the top of their game lyrically. Kira Cummings never disappoints with her innovative creations and use of mediums. She does it all with works ranging from handmade crafts, pyrography, and even profanity-laden needlepoint. DJ Young Venom held it down on the turntables and Merc B served as the mouth on the mic. It was definitely an event for and by the culture.


Fear Of Missing Offbeat Presents: The Land Before Rhyme Tour featuring Slangston Hughes and Thelonius Kryptonite

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Offbeat hit the people with a back to back flex of artists adept at busting out the bars with ease. Slangston Hughes and Thelonius Kryptonite hail from New Orleans, LA and have been building a name for themselves in the underground hip hop scene. The pair recently embarked on their Land Before Rhyme Tour. The show was rounded out with Jackson-based rhyme slingers DevMaccc, 5th Child and Timaal Bradford. DJ Strategy held down the wheels of steel. It was definitely a feast for the ears.


March Forth

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March Forth was a socio-political group exhibition comprised of works from artists in the Jackson area. The gallery was held at Adrienne Domnick’s AND Gallery featuring paintings, installations, and photography from an extensive range of mediums. It was a great display of perspectives and ideologies that illustrated without words. Thank you to Adrienne Domnick, Tyler Tadlock and Adam Farcus for curating such a great and important event.


Black Gold TV Revival Dance Party


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Lee King in collaboration with Next Level Experience located in the Metrocenter Mall revived the popular music series Black Gold. The show was Jackson’s version of Soul Train and featured many local acts taking the stage to keep the crowd grooving. The revival took the form of an adult dance club and drew large crowds looking to boogie all night long. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of this in the near future.


Hopefully, we’ll have plenty more weekends like this in the city. Don’t sleep on the evolution.