Homegrown Community Service in Jackson


It seems that the artists and citizens of Jackson are ready to restore this beautiful city to it’s previous greatness. There have been several g...

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It seems that the artists and citizens of Jackson are ready to restore this beautiful city to it’s previous greatness. There have been several grassroots community service efforts taking place recently, that aim to help build more pride in the city. Here are a few stories that I caught recently where people took it upon themselves to do the right thing:


1. Stay Humble Hustle Hard Clothing Line and J Skyy Team Up for Clothes Drive

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J. Skyy is riding high from the release of his latest project “Focus”, however this multi-talented vocalist is putting in work beyond the booth.

On January 15th he teamed up with D Nice to donate clothes to the homeless. The duo promoted their charity event via social media and they were even offering to come pick up items from people that couldn’t drive to the location. That’s real.

J. Skyy sings about love a lot, not just relationship love or sexual love but real love. The love of humanity and the lack of it. It’s good to see an artist actively trying to better the community; helping show those down on their luck that they have someone in their corner.


2. Gangsta Disciples Clean Up South Jackson


The Gangsta Disciples took to the streets of South Jackson, not to terrorize the community as many would assume but to clean it up. They have organized and want to help beautify the community. I think the caption from @brothatruth sums everything up nicely:




3. 3rd Eye Booking Starts Campaign against Violence in Jackson


3rd Eye Booking took it upon themselves to create graphics speaking out again violence for everyone working in the culture including The Khronox, Stay Humble Hustle Hard, Q Hefner, Sneakerboxx and many more.

I salute them for starting a campaign against the senseless death that takes place in this city far too often. As a community we have to do better and as the leaders of the current cultural shift of Jackson it is partially our responsibility to give a voice to the issues prolonging our progress.


4. Cooperation Jackson Hosts Tribunal with United Nations Representatives


Cooperation Jackson , an organization that I am a part of, has been working hard to make not only Jackson a better place but the world at large. The organization aims to bring economic democracy and sustainability to the city of Jackson by creating a network of interconnected cooperatives that support each other.

They ended last year by going to Paris,France for the U.N. Summit on Climate Change and started out 2016 by hand delivering the Clean Power Plan to the Region 4 headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency stationed in Atlanta.

On January 22 they hosted a tribunal with 5 representatives from the United Nations in West Jackson. The reps listened to presentations from various experts and concerned citizens about the injustice taking place here in Mississippi.

Hearing the tales of human rights violations and legislative racism was informative and gave a clear idea of the many problems being faced by several demographics in this state.


5.  Sika J and Wall of Peace JXN


The Wall of Peace movement symbolizes how creativity can reduce conflict and promote unity amongst a community. They can be found across the United States and around the world.

Sika J is currently working on a project to have one of these international symbols of peace and unity constructed right here in the Midtown area of Jackson. Boom Magazine recently ran a story on her, check it out for a deeper look at what inspired her to take on such a task. She is still looking for volunteers and others that are interested in helping this project reach completion.

If you are interested in being a part in some way please email thewallofpeacejxn@gmail.com.


People rarely talk about all of the good things that are happening here in Jackson, most choose to focus on the negatives. I’m tired of it, I love Jackson and I see beauty here even in the darkest corners. I just want to let the world know that Jackson is a city full of potential. Our culture is expanding and evolving, let’s work towards growth together. Unity is the answer and love is the key.

I know there are a lot more groups out there working to make Jackson a better place. If you feel like there was anyone I didn’t include, hit me up on social media at @_laidbackmack_ or send us an email to thehoodhippiems@gmail.com.