ill Phil – "Neo SteeZ 4: E Cannabis Unum" Review

ill Phil – "Neo SteeZ 4: E Cannabis Unum" Review


The homie ill Phil is back with the fourth installment of the Neo SteeZ Series, “Neo SteeZ 4: Cannabis Unum” and it is definitely an excel...

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The homie ill Phil is back with the fourth installment of the Neo SteeZ Series, “Neo SteeZ 4: Cannabis Unum” and it is definitely an excellent addition to his already stellar catalog. This time around we get a slightly darker sound than we’ve heard from him on other recent projects with his comrades in Scraper Gang. Phil takes this opportunity to give his listeners a free trip to his home borough of Brooklyn, NY.

The NY inspired sound is perfect because Phil is right at home on every beat. The intricately layered lyrics provide a vision of the blocks of Brooklyn with a dope tour guide. On “Remedy” we get a bouncy track that is sure to get you moving by the time the chorus comes in. The refrain is so catchy, I guarantee you’ll find yourself humming it more than once as you go through your day. Definitely was a great pick to choose as his lead single for the project.

The project opener “Stuck In A Jam” is a smooth, mellow tune which finds Phil reminiscing over his past in Brooklyn. Speaking about his childhood friends and his daily existence. The instrumental is spacey, the bass stands out but isn’t overpowering of the other components of the melodic beat. Creates the perfect vibe to start out the album.

“Feel” is a standout track. The steadily building opening before the beat drops draws the listener in. Phil tackles a number of topics from his feelings towards his father, the current treatment of Blacks in America, snitching, and much. The instrumental is lush and warm. It wraps itself around the listeners ears and makes itself right at home. The electric guitar in the background is a nice touch.

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Right after the coziness of “Feel” we get the aggressive, darkness of “Humble”. The track is anything but humble, here we have Phil giving us the most braggadocio on the album so far. It amps the energy level back up to a point that had lulled since “Remedy”. He also alludes to the track “Bish Bounce” off of Fabolus’s “The Young OG Project” on this song.

“E Cannabis Unum” can definitely be seen as flowing in the same spirit “The Young OG Project”, they both have a distinctly NY sound with production that incorporates both classical and contemporary styles.

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“Neo SteeZ 4: E Cannabis Unum” is a dope project and gives Phil an opportunity to breathe and express his own culture as a citizen of one of the most important cities in Hip Hop culture. Hopefully Neo SteeZ 5 is gonna be coming soon, because I’m anxious to hear what else Phil has been cooking up behind the boards!


Download Neo SteeZ 4: E Cannabis Unum Here!