Jackson Indie Music Week: Reflection Series


  Jackson Indie Music Week was a great success! The city was out in full effect and the artists were putting on a show to remember at every venue...

5th Child – The Results (Official Music Video) [Directed By The Dark Brothers]
D. Horton – The Growth Of A Future Legend
The Rougish Gent Livecast Talks Hip Hop In Jackson with Special Guest Porschia Cooper


Jackson Indie Music Week was a great success! The city was out in full effect and the artists were putting on a show to remember at every venue. The various genres helped keep things diverse and lively, as well as as the numerous vibes present at each showcase. It was a dope enviornment that fostered creativity and appreciation for the arts. My hope is that this week has helped to shine a spotlight on all of the talented artists that we have working right here in Jackson. I also want to see more collaboration between artists and I’m sure there was plenty of shared inspiration and connections going on. Here’s the first  recap of the events I attended and the awesome people I got the chance to meet. Check back throughout the week to see what went down during the rest of #JIMWeek #ItWasLit.



Hood Hippie Radio (1)The Hood Hippie x The Roguish Gent x Comprehensive Beatdown x Let’s Talk Jackson held  Critic’s Corner at Land vs. Ocean. It was a live broadcast and podcast interview session with several of the artists that were performing during JIMWeek including D Horton, The Vibe Doctors, Carlos Danger, Los, Silas, Dolla Black, Kerry Thomas and more. It was a blast, the artists provided great insight and humor; while the panel kept things lit. The podcast will be available on everyone’s respective accounts very soon so be on the look out for it if you missed the live show.


The Workshop hosted the event The Low End Theory which featured The Cut, Maya Kyles, and D Horton (as a replacement for Metro Voice). The vibe was very relaxed and chill, it felt like everyone in the room had been friends for years. I missed Maya Kyles and most of D Horton due to hosting at Critic’s Corner but the response to their performances let me know everything I needed to. People were amazed by the talented Maya Kyles and had rave reviews after she blessed the stage with her rendition of “The Thrill Is Gone”. Several people said that D Horton’s positive energy and lyricism drew them into his performance and helped them truly connect with him. Judson Wright of The C.U.T. said, “I’ve never gotten that close to someone while they were performing, but there was something about his energy. It was so positive. He’s special, I know he’s going to go far”.  The C.U.T closed the show out with one of the best sets of the week. The pure musicianship on display during their show was simply amazing. Listening to them to is like hearing 4 different songs at once come together in a cohesive soundscape filled with guitar solos, keyboard runs, sax solos and one of the most versatile drummers that I’ve seen grace a stage. This was one of the most lit showcases of the entire week! I’m sure we’ll see plenty more going on at The Workshop throughout the rest of the year.

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