#JIMWeek Reflections Series: Blendsday


  On Wednesday January 13, 2016 #JIMWeek took over 4 venues in downtown Jackson. Martin’s, Hal and Mal’s, One Block East and JacoR...

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On Wednesday January 13, 2016 #JIMWeek took over 4 venues in downtown Jackson. Martin’s, Hal and Mal’s, One Block East and Jaco’s Tacos all had artists and DJ’s in the mix with music, food and drinks. This night really drove home the feel of a SXSW style music festival because each venue was walking distance from each other and the shows were running at the same time. I had to hit the streets with a game plan of when everyone would be going on; but I still ending up missing out on some shows. However, that just encourages me to be on the lookout for the next time these artists would be performing. Here’s my recap of the Blendsday performances I did get to catch. #JIMWeek #ItsLit.

I started my night off at Martin’s to catch Mildred Noor’s show. I  heard his mixtape “No Direction” when he released it a few months ago but seeing him perform live helped me truly connect with his music. Tracks like “Uncouth Negus” and “Slums” have such a vibrant energy when performed live. He also announced that he would be releasing his second project “Six Acres” next month. His performance packed plenty of entertainment and revolutionary punch.



From Martin’s, I made my way to Jaco’s Tacos to catch my homie DJ Leon Grey spinning a few records. He had a great set and provided a cool vibe for me and my girlfriend to enjoy Jaco’s excellent margaritas. He ran through jazz, hip hop, punk rock, gangsta rap, mash-ups and so much more. He ended his set with “Sound and Color” from the Alabama Shakes, the eclective mix of sounds was a welcome addition and definitely exemplified the entire idea behind Blendsday.


After leaving Jaco’s I headed back towards Martin’s to catch Dolla Black. As I walked through the crisp, cool night air I could hear 5th Child’s “Walkaway Love” echoing from Hal and Mal’s. It was in this moment that the potential of Jackson truly spoke to me and I had a feeling that #JIMWeek was only the beginning of some great things for artists in Jackson.

I arrived at Martin’s and was prepared to see Dolla Black perform. He is one of the most lit performers in the city and I have yet to see him do a show where he did not kill the stage. I also applaud Dolla Blgack for being diverse and doing concerts from all over the spectrum instead of only sticking to the usual clubs that many rappers in Jackson rarely venture from. He had the crowd going wild as he ran through a few of his hits, the energy level he brought to the room was great and I was glad I was in the space.


Sadly, I didn’t get to see The Jackals perform but Will was on site to grab some footage of Coke Bumaye. He’s gonna be posting that on Instagram via @TheHoodHippieMS, so be on the look out for that later today.

Blendsday was one of the best days of Jackson Indie Music Week and was really effective in selling the festival feel to the event’s attendees. Shout out to Garrad Lee, Cody Cox and all of the volunteers and coordinators that helped make this a success.