JXN Indie Rock: 3 Bands To Watch


    Dream Cult The first time I heard Dream Cult’s song “Surface” I was amazed. The dreamy, lush sound filled my mind with...

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Dream Cult

The first time I heard Dream Cult’s song “Surface” I was amazed. The dreamy, lush sound filled my mind with a fluid canvas of sound and color. I couldn’t get the track out of my head for weeks.

The song is short and sweet but it packs so much auditory punch that it’s impossible not to be captivated and drawn in.

When I saw them perform live at 3rd Eye Music Fest I reacted the same way Stan Smith of American Dad did after hearing My Morning Jacket.




2. Rafiki Grove

The music of Rafiki Grove is a blend of surf wah wah and Southern Rock . They have a unique twang to their music that is hard to resist tapping your foot and nodding along to regardless of what genre of music you tend to gravitate to. This is especially evident on “Shaky Man”. They recently released a collection of live recordings taken from their performance at Fondren First Thursday:

Check back next week to read the interview I did with the guys.



3. the C.U.T.


The genre bending style of the C.U.T. isn’t easy to describe and that isn’t a bad thing. the C.U.T. draws from a broad spectrum of sonic inspirations including Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop. The way they mash all of this together is amazing a creates some of the coolest tracks that continuously evolve and incorpoate a variety genre elements. They haven’t released a full project and I haven’t had the chance to see them perform live, but based on their demo whenever they do get something for official release it will be dope.



Those are three bands in the JXN Indie Rock scene to watch right now. There are quite few more bands Who are some of you all’s? Anybody you think I should check out? Tell me about in the comments section. Let’s Discuss.