Lajuan White Drops New Music! "Eye Got!" [produced by @iamlajuan and @chasehernadezz]


The homie Lajuan White dropped a new track earlier this week. He goes in on the track; which he also co-produced. I’ve been checking out his mus...

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The homie Lajuan White dropped a new track earlier this week. He goes in on the track; which he also co-produced. I’ve been checking out his music for a while and the progression I’ve seen him make is amazing. He’s coming out of Chattanooga, TN which some leading lyricists lately. Lajuan has knack for taking concious thoughts and combining it with bouncy flow. “Eye Got” is a great track to lead with, it gives you an idea of his style and lyrical content. Check out the track below:

A while back I got the chance to interview Lajuan and see what he was about as an artist and in his daily life. Check it below.

ME: How long have you been rapping?

LW: I started writing poems in 2010. Those written poems turned into Spoken Word pieces that I began performing at a coffee shop called The Camphouse after my father and brother died a couple weeks apart back in 2011. I hate the noun “rap”. I don’t mind when people use it as a verb when describing what I do. Call me crazy but when people are in front of a microphone, I don’t feel that we rap; we recite poems.

ME: What motivated you start making music?

LW: The fuel that lit the fire for me to start RECORDING music was the death of my Father and my Brother. But I feel I’ve been motivated my entire life. Mainly by Old School Funk, Blues, Jazz, Whodini, Anita Baker, George Clinton, A Tribe Called Quest, Tupac, 8 Ball and MJG, Freestyle Fellowship, Outkast, etc.I didn’t begin to LOVE to listen to and create music on a grand scale until I joined my middle school band. That shit inspired me on a totally different level than anything else.

LaJuan's In-Studio Photo

ME: What does the word success mean to you?

LW: Success, to me, isn’t reached until a person learns to love and be confident in who they are and what they do regardless of what anybody else thinks about them. “I’m ’bout a dollar, fuck yo’ two cents” will probably be my next tattoo. Self-confidence. That’s what success means to me.

Open-Mic in Coconut Grove

ME: Who/what is your biggest influence?

LW: Both my parents, The Black Panther Party, Andre 3000, and Henry Charles Bukowski.

ME: What are you currently working on?

LW: I’m currently working on my first official project entitled “Fortitude” that. I’ve got a few surprises on this tape as far as the production and features are concerned. I’ve met a lot of artists over the past year and a half due to traveling back and forth between Chattanooga, TN (my birthplace), Miami, and the Midwest. Shit’s about to get real for me and those around me. One day at a time.

Ohio River Photo