Life Behind The Lens: FullOfFlava

Life Behind The Lens: FullOfFlava


By Malcolm Morrow I recently had the chance to catch up with one of the OGs in the Jackson photography scene, Chuckway  “FullOfFlava” Wash...

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By Malcolm Morrow

I recently had the chance to catch up with one of the OGs in the Jackson photography scene, Chuckway  “FullOfFlava” Washington. He’s known for creating vivid images featuring a wide range of subjects including animals at the zoo, concerts, events and much more. Maintaining and expanding a legacy since he began taking photography seriously; he’s helped inspire and mold a new generation of lenses with his trademark style and innovative editing techniques. It was a very insightful interview and it helped to shine a light on what it is that inspires him to craft his shots the way he does. Check it out below.

MM: How long have you been doing photography? Where are you from originally? What school did you go to? When did you develop your artistic style? Was school influential on you becoming a more artistic lens?
FOF: I always kept a pretty nice camera but I started taking it seriously and making a living out of it in 2011…. I’m from Jackson. I attended Murrah High School and graduated from Jackson State University. I have been in arts all through school I actually went to school originally to be an art teacher until they discontinued them in the MS area. Of Course, might art background taught me about colors and good angles. Not Only that but it taught me how to express myself visually.
MM: Do you set a goal for each type of shot you take? I.e. do you try to convey a specific message or feeling with the camera?
FOF:  I take so many I can’t say I always have a goal for the shot. I usually try to get a feel of who or what I’m shooting for a head start on the look or location I see the subject. I do aim for a message if I see any way possible of portraying it visually.
MM: What are your favorite types of shoots? I see that you do a wide variety. Do you prefer working with artists, capturing scenes in nature and daily life, weddings/events or all of the above?
FOF: Urban shoots for an artist are definitely some of my favorites but I love capturing natural, pure moments as well.
MM: Do you have any more photography shows in the works?
FOF: Yes I actually have an urban art show coming this spring. It should be colorful with a lot of street art and urban visuals.
MM: What are some of your goals for 2017?
FOF: Stay busy and do as much traveling as possible.
MM: How did you become so involved in the music scene of Jackson?
FOF: I was born and raised here and a lot of those years I’ve worked with artist and CEO’s who had studios plus I’m a real music junkie at heart.
MM: What has been your favorite shoot or photo project thus far?
FOF: Thats a tough one bc I’ve done so much over the years with photography, met so many people, and created so much its hard to say when it comes to a project bc I really do appreciate most of the things I participate in with my clients and artist.
MM: What advice would you give to the aspiring photographers working in the city and beyond?
FOF:  I would advise them to stay learning about your craft and most importantly stay UNIQUE. Someone can influence you but that doesn’t mean that you take there style and ideas. Photography is an art and should be respected as one.
MM: What is something you dream of shooting?
FOF: I have no specifics just to keep inspiring artist and stay busy.
Check out some of his work here:
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