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I started this blog as a way to help local artists get their music heard by a larger audience. There are way too many dope artists coming out of Missi...

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I started this blog as a way to help local artists get their music heard by a larger audience. There are way too many dope artists coming out of Mississippi that never get the chance to be heard. It’s people out here having to work wack ass jobs instead of being able to follow their dreams of creating art. Art comes in so many forms, whether it be rapping, singing, playing an instrument, painting, dancing, etc. We have people that are dope in every medium right here in this city. That party flyer you throw on the ground after its handed to you was created by a graphic designer somewhere trying show people how creative he is with his medium. I’m not fussing or anything, I just want people to realize that you don’t have to listen to that wack ass shit they play on the radio, we have artists right here that you can check out and support. Help them live out their dreams. Many people don’t support people that make music here because you probably grew up with them and feel they ain’t nothing special. But as soon as they get a hit, all of a sudden everybody a supporter. Antwone Perkins is one of the hardest working artists I’ve seen trying make a name for himself here in the city. His grind has inspired me to feel like there is nothing I can’t do if I have a dream and the drive to make it real. Ya’ll say what you want, I applaud this man and the fact that he so willing to INVEST in his own project because he believes in it that much. Silas is another guy that has been working hard for years to make a name for himself in the music game. Ever since “Coola Danna Dinosaur Behind A Van” he has been evolving as an artist and truly mastering the style he raps in. His latest single “SpeakitIn2existence” feat. Durdy Costello had me hitting replay way more times than anything I’ve heard on the radio recently. Tira D is one the hottest MC’s in the city! Ya’ll so sleep on this talented young lady. She has lyricism on par with the best in the biz and she’s better than a lot of rappers out here in Jackson claiming they the best. Check out her song “Keep It G”, that shit is on par with anything that J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar has ever put out. My homie T-lo Da Champ is working hard and really perfecting every track before he ever releases them to the public. Group Nation is Mississippi’s answer to any collective you wanna name, they have such a diverse roster of dope artists. They have something for every listener. CCMG is our very own Taylor Gang. MR_IBEONIT, Dolo, LilChrisManne and many others are out here. The Feel Good up in Starkville are making shit that’s next level with dope ass production and killer lyrics; Pell, Flywalker, Toon, Staccato, Endian Dope and LV Baby are a problem man. We got dope ass R&B from Kerry Thomas, Christina Marie, and many more. I really wanna see all of these great artists succeed and I wish people would take the time out to take a listen. I’m off my soapbox now. Support Local Talent!