Mack's Mental: Sandra Bland, #BlackLivesMatter, Modern Civil Rights Movement


Ever since the death of Trayvon Martin it seems as if you can’t turn on the TV without seeing a new Black face flashing across that has died at ...

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Ever since the death of Trayvon Martin it seems as if you can’t turn on the TV without seeing a new Black face flashing across that has died at the hands of police or an overzealous citizen.

The latest saga is that of Sandra Bland, a Texas woman that was pulled over, arrested and found dead in her jail cell in a matter of hours. Today new developments have come to light that suggest Ms. Bland may have already been dead at the time her mugshot was taken. There are several in-depth analysis of the photo that indicate this may very well have been the case.

Sandra Bland

The state of Black life in this country is both frightening and saddening. Black lives are treated as expendable, the media enforces feelings that there is no reason to bat an eye at the loss of Black life. They train the public to immediately believe that if a Black person is murdered it must be justified in some way, even some Black men and women have this same perception.

The thing that bothers me most is that there are so many people who refuse to even acknowledge this is a real issue. These are not isolated incidents. This is an epidemic. This is a modern day Civil Rights Movement; the only issue is we don’t have a Malcolm or Martin to galvanize the Black populace to action. Don’t get me wrong, we have our fair share of leaders and we have had some strong movements in the past few years. However, we haven’t seen a truly dedicated and rapidly growing movement of Blacks united against injustice since the 1960’s.

The 1990’s was a reprieve in which all things Black were celebrated on TV, in music, in film, etc. What happened to that Black pride? Where are the shows like Martin, ROC, The Parent Hood, and countless others that talked about real issues the Black community and our children face everyday? Now we are bombarded with images such as Love and Hip Hop, Empire, Power and The Game. These are not positive images of Black life in America.

There are so many people supporting #AllLivesMatter and making #BlackLivesMatter into something of hate or exclusion. The fact is that Black Lives Do Matter. Regardless of how the media makes us feel, regardless of how the police make us feel, regardless of how the government makes us feel…. WE MATTER. So for all of you tweeting #AllLivesMatter; you’re a part of the problem. You’re belittling the pain, anger and injustice that we suffer with collectively as a race. You’re taking a problem that has little to no effect on your life, outside of disrupting the usual gossip-laden “news” cycle, and treating it like it is something insignificant because you can not relate.

I’m tired of this, I’m sick of this, I’m over this.


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