Mack's Mind: My Thoughts on "My Uzi" – David Banner ft. Big K.R.I.T.


David Banner and Big K.R.I.T dropped their highly anticipated single “My Uzi” yesterday and it certainly lived up to the hype for me. The ...

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David Banner and Big K.R.I.T dropped their highly anticipated single “My Uzi” yesterday and it certainly lived up to the hype for me. The blogs are lighting up with glowing reviews of the track; The Smoking Section on said:

Seriously, just listen to David Banner flip the Chad-and-Bun snippet into a beat that builds into something theatrical, while both he and Krizzle take turns ripping off bars. What “My Uzi” should inspire the two to do is tag-team a short EP. It seems like they already have the chemistry to make it happen.”

I’m definitely feeling the song. The verses are full of real talk about the current social climate concerning race relations and police brutality. Banner and K.R.I.T spit with fierce conviction over a beat that samples UGK’s classic “My Uzi Weighs A Ton” and continually evolves throughout the entire track.

All of the twists and turns of the beat create an almost cinematic experience in auditory form. Especially the ending which definitely takes a cue from Kanye with an extended celebratory, film score rivaling any that have been heard this Summer in theatres.

The verses are immaculate, both put the instrumental through its paces with out having to stop and catch a breath.

Standout lines from Banner’s first verse include:

I don’t need platinum I don’t need gold
All I need is an Uzi and a clip to load
This one mic this Jordan flow
Trying not to wear Jordan’s Clothes
These kids are dying, Jordan knows
Nike too, Vanport
Portland, they blew it up
Black commerce they chewed it up

Harsh criticism of society and the things being glorified by the media and everyday citizens. However, my favorite lines from him come later during his second verse in the song:

Yeah I be Raven about Baltimore, talking about taking shit out of the store
My desert eagle, my people protector, you step in my sector you’ve got to go
Pick him up off the floor pig, it’s you or its me
This is for the black skin so what’s happening homie fuck what you see on TV
You’re going to see they say this shit is about black and white
All this shit is pretty Freddie Gray
Swings and see-saws – rusty in the Sipp
Trust me pimp we don’t never play

K.R.I.T. is definitely no slouch with the bars either, his flow is turnt to 11 and he drops gems throughout:

My Uzi weigh a ton
Pray to God I stay protected
High alert, I see jackers on the creep in my reflection
Lord, ain’t nothing been promised lately
Police out here acting crazy
Shooting up black folks left and right
People out here die every night
Mama worried about me all the time because I’m grinding
Trying to make a move because the government don’t give a fuck about poor folk
Out here paying dues trying keep the food on my table
My family fed and my mind right
And an attitude adjuster just in case a mother fucker wants to take my limelight

Overall, this is a monumental track for two of Mississippi’s most titanic artists!