Mixtape Release Feature: Davante' Liv3 – Liv3 Now Care Later


This week The Stoned Eclectic presents to you all up and coming artist Davante’ Liv3. Today he is releasing his debut mixtape “Liv3 Now Ca...

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This week The Stoned Eclectic presents to you all up and coming artist Davante’ Liv3. Today he is releasing his debut mixtape “Liv3 Now Care Later” and I got up with him for an interview to hear what it’s like for him to be dropping a tape and more info about himself. Ya’ll check the brotha out, you’ll probably hearing a lot more from him soon.

The 21 year old Southern Miss student is originally from New Orleans and moved to Mississippi to attend college. He credits some hip hop heavyweights as his influences such as Lil Wayne, Drake, Kendrick, Nas, and Jay Z out of a list of several. They can definitely be heard in his music. His slick, accented flow rides over instrumentals with ease.



Liv3 says that music comes to him naturally,”I been into music since a kid it runs in my family, a lot of my cousins are artist as well so it wasn’t hard for me to make the transition with hands on guidance”. Liv3 also stated that this is just the start of what he has planned, “I developed a lot within this project, but it’s only the beginning so I hope people plan to see a lot more of me in the future”.

He added, “With the tape I just wanted to introduce myself to the world as a talented rapper from the south who can keep it with the best of lyrically with a southern sound”.

I got the chance to ask Davante’ Liv3 a few questions about himself.


Me: Why did you leave New Orleans? It’s seems like a good launch zone for a music career.

DLiv3: My family relocated to Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. I had some aspirations of hooping after high school & I didn’t want to play for any schools at home so I decided to attend USM.

Me: Has your music style changed or evolved in any way since you moved here?

DLiv3: As far as what I listen to it’s changed dramatically lol. Before i moved out here I didnt know one Gucci Mane or Trill Ent song but now I know almost all of them lol. But as of what I make personally no not at all.

Me: Do you run solo or do you have a crew behind you?

DLiv3: New World. Wouldn’t call those dudes a crew tho we more like brothas. Every successful artist has to have a strong backbone & that’s what them dudes give me.

Me: When did you decide to take music seriously? 

DLiv3: Pshh prolly around last summer. I wasn’t taken seriously at first, but once people start telling me I had a gift. I thought to myself damn, this maybe what I need to do & put the ball down.

Me: What do you usually do to get your creative juices flowing? 

DLiv3: I usually just listen to other good artist or get inspired by life situations that me or my friends go through.

Me: What other projects have you been working on? Any upcoming features? 

DLiv3: I got a few things up my sleeves, but I honestly I put all my focus into “Liv3 Now Care Later”

Me: What message are you hoping people receive from your music? 

DLiv3: I’m trying to show people in the south can really rap on some lyrical shit.

Me: What does the word success mean to you? 

DLiv3: My parents not waking up for work anymore. They provided a good life for me, it’s time i repay the favor.

Me: What is your favorite track off the mixtape? 

DLiv3: That’s a tough one, but I’ll prolly have to go with “love hate thing”. I wrote that song in a really good space.

Me: How long have you been working on this project? 

DLiv3: A little over 3 months. 

Me: What is your motivation to keep chasing your dream?

DLiv3: Making sure my nieces are well taken care of. Them two little girls fuel my drive man. Seeing them in a good spot & me knowing I helped get them there is all I can ask for. 


Davante’ Liv3 is a genuine artist with real talent, so go download his tape today and give him a listen.

You can download it on Datpiff.com at 7 pm.




Here are a couple of videos that he has released:







If you want to stay up to date on what Davante’ Liv3 will be releasing or upcoming shows follow him on:

Twitter: @DavanteLiv3

Instagram: dopeXkicks