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This past weekend on Saturday May 17 there was an event called “Made in Midtown”, it was essentially a large art and music culture festiva...

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This past weekend on Saturday May 17 there was an event called “Made in Midtown”, it was essentially a large art and music culture festival right in the middle of Wesley Avenue in Jackson, MS. During this event, Jackson DJ scene mainstay and culture innovator, Phillip “DJ Young Venom” Rollins open the doors of his new store OffBeat. Offbeat is a record store, art gallery, comic shop and figurine collector’s paradise. The selection was amazing on all fronts and there were plenty of rarities in stock for the enlightened music fan. There were also several guest DJ’s doing live shows right in the store.

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Rollins has created a haven for the lovers of several different mediums of art and has done a great job in serving each community in a unique manner within the store. The walls of the store are lined with paintings of artistic greats such as Biggie, Janelle Monae, Basquiat and my personal muse Erykah Badu.

All of these portraits and several other paintings on the store walls were done by Adrienne Domnick. I had never heard of this talented and I had never seen her work but judging by what she has created so far, I am definitely hoping to see a lot more from her in the future! Her paintings are beautiful and draw the viewer into an almost trance like state of wonder while observing.

There was also work from another young artists adorning the brick walls of the shop. Justin Ransburg’s art was amazing. The vivid colors and stylized figures gave each piece an ethereal, surreal quality. At times I felt like the paintings would just step right off the easel from their world into ours.

I’m glad that Venom has given these two talented artists a space in which to display these incredible works of art and I’m looking forward to making many return visits to the shop to see what else these two have under there creative sleeves.

I got the opportunity to ask DJ Young Venom a few questions about why he decided to open the shop and what were some of the goals he was hoping to achieve by bringing this new type of entity into Jackson. Here’s what he had to say:

DJ Venom Main Image

1. What inspired you to open the shop?

YV: I always wanted to open a shop that will ultimately be a catalyst for young, up and coming artists in Mississippi. I read a lot of Juxtapose, Hypebeast and Complex. I’ve always been inspired by the art I see around the world.

2. How did you decide on featuring the artists that created the paintings and murals throughout the shop?

YV: All artists to be featured will be young, minority artists from Mississippi. The reason behind this is to give them exposure and to hopefully motivate them to keep creating. The store serves as a gallery as well, so the artists can hold receptions for their work and get the proper respect and exposure they deserve.

3. What other events can the city look forward to taking place at OffBeat in the coming months?

YV: Ah… I can’t tell you all my secrets but the Grand Opening will be in the coming weeks. We will have midnight releases for some of the products that we will be carrying and there will also be a bi-weekly event featuring DJs.

4. Is there a possibility that the store could also be a performance venue?

YV: We are considering it.

5. Why did you think it was necessary for a store like OffBeat to be opened in the city of Jackson?

YV: Jackson has a host of talent and a lot of the stuff I’m exposed to has been outside of the capitol city.  I’m just bringing in a staple that should have been here to begin with. There is no reason we shouldn’t have a comic book or record shop here.

Here’s a gallery of a few photos I took of the store during my visit:

Be sure to stop by and check out OffBeat if you’re ever in the area! The address is 151 Wesley Ave Jackson, Mississippi 39202. Follow the shop on Facebook by searching the name and on other social media sites @Offbeatjxn.


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