Pell "LIMBO" Album Review


IN LIMBO WITH PELL Written by  Amanda “Revolution” Lucas     Monday Morning: This is the perfect wake up anthem. We all know how hard Monday...

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Written by  Amanda “Revolution” Lucas



Monday Morning:

This is the perfect wake up anthem. We all know how hard Monday mornings can be. Pell brings us back to life with a cool, calm, and collected feel-good song, designed for the hustle and bustle mornings, sunny afternoons and fun times.

These town broads be tempting/My mistress gone miss me/ cause rap love is risky.”


Almighty Dollar:

Pell shows us he is definitely before his time. His futuristic sound gives an innovative tone to his complex beats.  This is a strong contender for the fashion show anthem of 2016. It is reminiscent of Kanye West’s 2007 hit “Flashing Lights”; only with more bass  and deeper verses. This song embodies what dreams are made of. You feel a little richer after hearing this song, even your funds don’t agree. What he did right there is called, creating hope.


Café Du Monde:

The first single released from LIMBO is honest, entracing, and vibetastic.  Yes I created that word. Café Du Monde brings life to any room, party, or kickback.  The title gives a shout out to the famous coffee shop in his hometown of New Orleans by They are known for their famous beignets and their open 24 hours a day. Maybe this is a song inspired by those nights worth remembering in the New Orleans air. I can definitely feel the bass blowing in my face. Bass on. The video  shows us that there are still interesting plots in music videos. The chilling tale resonates with viewers and watching the twisted lyrics materialize on screen is amazing.  



This was my least liked track on the album. Dave Sitek gives us an amazing Latin infused beat and great vocals for a West Coast feel. The video is great for MTV rotation. It reaches a larger audience in essence. And we start to see Pell more and more as a sex symbol. More so than in video Eleven: 11.  This time he is bare chest. It reminds me of a time when groping was the “it” thing. Great to see him having fun. I just don’t prefer it. I’ll pass on this one.


’93 Supreme:  

This is my second favorite track on LIMBO. Pell takes us back into his dream world of rap. Dark shadows, mixed with smoke and THC laced lyrics draw you in to his cloudy mindframe. Fill me up; I’ll have what he’s having.



Pell shows us his lyrical capabilities. He’s a well-rounded musician and here he takes us on a  journey of proclaimed self-indulgence that everyone can understand. He is honest about his own merits and flaws which captures your attention; while the beat is a simple melody that gives you a chance to focus on his words. The only bad thing about this song is he leaves us wanting more. This song can be easily overlooked between two great songs. However, this one is not to be skipped. I repeat, DO NOT SKIP. 


The Wild:

Two words; Thank You. The Wild is “Runaway” (a track featured on his debut album) x 100.

Verse 1: Last night I fell in love with the mirror/
My reflection never lets me down/But tonight I see myself a little clearer/
I wasn’t happy with what I found/

Beat speeds up: Cause I’m worried about who I am, everybody know it’s me
/Feeling like I’m a ghost, even when they speak to me
/Private school, fucking off, spent money on booze and trees
/All the money, all the girls, materials ain’t shit to me

Verse 2: Last night I fell in love with the hustle
/It’s been a long time working on a dream
/So tonight I see myself above the troubles/
As the music saves my life again/

Beat speeds up: 
Now I’m running out, catching shows, groupies start to notice me
/Attention to my music, I’m trading pain for company/Luxury my focus cause I’m living, through a movie screen
/Save me from the dark, and all the wild wandering

This song will send chills through you. Without a doubt the best track on the album. Pell proves with each word that he is more than worthy to be in a category all by his self.


Vanilla Sky 2.0:

Pell’s versatile delivery of lyrics and flow makes you realize that Drake has a lot more to worry about than women. His artistic maturity for such a young age is indescribable. He is the embodiment of musical freedom.  Pell has something to prove to himself. He may have forgot we are in the room.



By the time you get to the track “Incomplete” it’s safe to say, you’ve been playing it all the way through from midway into the album. I’ll let you continue.



It all starts with a verse and a dream. Pell gives us a long intro to the bittersweet end of this album.  A sandlot is the unoccupied land used by little league players.  However, Pell uses the term to make some comparisons with his own current state. His lyrics show a struggle of his current realization and past decisions as he travels upward. This is truly only the beginning.



While other artists would be anxious over the outcome of a sophomore album, Pell can be calm due to the fact he has found a greater essence of his artistic abilities. It is apparent through every track. His confident sound shines over quality produced beats and lyrical content. He makes you realize in a world of knowledgeable hip hop heads he is already “famous“.

For those who have yet to experience that which is Pell, they are simply behind. Pell is one red carpet away.  LIMBO shows not only that he has the vision but also he continues to have that little something special that you want to put in a jar and save for those rainy days.

Pell bestows on his listeners the conviction to be critical life learners, while reminding us how it’s so much more out there to experience.  The title LIMBO and cover art of him levitating was perfect. Pell music conveys that he is somewhere between here and there, and he does not control the process. He only controls the genius of his style and sincerity. Watching an artist actually go thru limbo is amazing, we will be able to recall taking the climb with him.


The average listener may have to play Pell a couple of times before actually making the commitment for a playlist. But trust, this is something that won’t be regretted. Pell is the Kid Cudi of a new generation mixed with the “out there in levitation” styling’s of Chance the Rapper. His music is not for the un-imaginative, mediocre creative, and whole-heartedly definitely not for the sober.





Amanda “Revolution” Lucas is a Doctoral Candidate at Jackson State University. She is contributing writer to She also does freelance writing for Town and Gown Magazine and Mississippi 2. Such scholars who influence her critical analysis of hip-hop culture include Dr. Tricia Rose. She believes it’s our responsibility to curate the culture of hip-hop and rap in contemporary America. Follow her on IG @RadioRevo or on Twitter: @RevAlmostFamous #Writelife