Rising Artist: Taurean la’Del

Rising Artist: Taurean la’Del


  Neo-Soul/Jazz Artist Taurean la’Del Taurean la’Del is a rising Neo-Soul/Jazz artist looking to bring back the true soul sound to music. la’Del ...

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Neo-Soul/Jazz Artist Taurean la’Del
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Taurean la’Del is a rising Neo-Soul/Jazz artist looking to bring back the true soul sound to music. la’Del is a native of Waynesboro, MS and currently resides in Slidell,LA. He has over seven years of experience as a performer and vocalist.

Taurean studied and performed music throughout his scholastic career. He was a part of his high school and junior college show choirs, where he gained renown for his singing abilities.

He writes with emotional honesty and that’s been sorely missing in modern R&B. He is currently working on a full project entitled “Grown Folks Music” that is set to be released on June 5th, 2017.



His latest single “Work Of Art” is reminiscent of that classic Neo-Soul culture, the kind that connects with the listener on a deeper level. It has a vibrant, jazzy instrumental infused with some funky keys. Sure to get heads nodding along. His vocals are smooth and flow over the track.

la’Del has been featured in publications such as Incline Magazine, TNE Magazine, Soul and Peaches Magazine, Skilly Magazine, The Heat Magazine and was named 2017 R&B Artist of the Year by Grand Mogul Magazine. He was also featured on the “Indie Highlights” series of the Atlanta-based podcast The Harbor.

Taurean says “my goal is to make people feel the passion and soul behind every chord and lyric”.  “I want people to be able to listen to Teddy Pendergrass, Al Green, or even Luther Vandross, wherever they stream music, and be able to listen to Taurean la’Del without pressing skip.”

With his consistent output of content and dedication to creating quality music, he has built a catalog of tracks ready for the stage. Stay in touch with him, because this is only the beginning.


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