Rising Artists to Watch: Deangelo Dent a.k.a D Dent


Deangelo Dent is one of the most versatile artists that I have had the pleasure of personally meeting. He knows how to craft a sound for type of music...

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Deangelo Dent is one of the most versatile artists that I have had the pleasure of personally meeting. He knows how to craft a sound for type of music listener. His soundscape covers a very wide range of topics, feelings, ambitions and goals. There are tracks for the club, tracks for the smokers, tracks that inspire, tracks that detail his determination and tracks that simply show his lyrical capabilities. 

He’s worked with several local artists in the Jackson, MS area such as Dee Smith and Luigi Crucial; as well as producers and artists in Atlanta where he created his album “P.U.S.H: Promote Unity, Strive and Hustle” which can be purchased on both Itunes and Amazon and features one of my favorite songs by him, “Criticz”. I think it is one of his most fully realized songs on an album full of excellent songs. I’ve watched his development as an artist and he’s definitely at the top of his game right now.

I recently had the chance to reconnect with him for an interview to learn more about where he’s at personally and professionally:

Me: What inspired you to want to be an artist?

D Dent: Well nowadays everybody quick to yell Michael Jackson, which is cool because of how influential he was, but my inspirations vary. Besides Mike, Master P is a major inspiration 46 still doing it big. In my opinion that’s triumphant and I wanna be that laid back entrepreneur/visionary and help my children follow their hearts as well.

Me: What message do you want to put out for the masses?
D Dent: I want to be know as a high-octane ball of positive energy formulated with sounds that people can relate on several different levels from things to do with daily life to morality to inspiration. I want to promote those ideas through audio so maybe it can become more captivating, hopefully it gives them a map to live by or at least gives them something with substance to sing along with.

Me: What is your motivation to keep grinding?

D Dent: My daughter, bills, and the fact nothing in this world is free. I want to show people grind isn’t just dealing drugs their are tons of honest ways to accumulate wealth. Shout out Jets International, Sodmg and TDE. They made their grind pay off and I plan to do the same.
Me: What are some upcoming projects we should be on the look out for?
D Dent: F.Y.B will be my first mixtape this year which will feature 7 unruly tracks that cover some of hip hop’s most influential acts to date. It also features several artists including A$AP Tangy of A$AP Mob.
Me: Would u prefer to stay independent or be on a major label?

Me: What is something that you feel people need to know about you as a person?

I  am a very goal-oriented and focused young man that’s trying to reach people in ways that extend beyond just music. Comedy and art are also some mediums I’m working with. Can’t forget my family; I don’t have much time to talk about myself so it’s gets easy to detour away at times. A prime example is mentioning family last.
D Dent will be performing live tomorrow April 3, 2014 at Miso’s during the monthly Fondren After 5 arts event in Jackson, MS. Go check him and other artists out while enjoying all the sights, sounds and food that the Fondren area has to offer.
Here are a few videos and tracks for you to check out to give you an idea of what to expect:
If you want to stay up to date on things that D Dent has coming up such as music, shows, performances here are some of his sites to stay connected: