Scraper Gang Weekly 8/2 – 8/8


The gang is back again for the weekly feature “Scraper Gang Weekly”. Be sure to check out and follow Loud Pack Weezy on Yo...

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The gang is back again for the weekly feature “Scraper Gang Weekly”. Be sure to check out and follow Loud Pack Weezy on YouTube. This go round we have a new video for “Remedy” from ill Phil, a breakdown of the inspirations and stories behind the tracks on Loud Pack Weezy’s new album “Fondren After Five”  and the review of the project. Check it all out below:

“Remedy” is the lead single off of Phil’s upcoming project “Neo SteeZ Pt. 4 Cannibibus Unum”. In my opinion this is one of the most lit records I’ve heard this this summer. I could definitely see it getting heavy rotation on college campuses, at kickbacks and at house/greek parties. The beat is infectious and impossible to resist hitting a groove to the sinister piano and snappy snare. The song reaches its most turnt point for me when Phil drops the lines, “Still aint no cuffing in the club/So nigga where my 20 dollars at/Cuz I’ma spend it all on a f*ckin gram/Roll up with the homies getting stupid smacked”. The video also features a local dancer and internet dance compilation mainstay Krush. Phil says he set out to make people feel good again, I think he definitely succeeded. Check it out:

Loud Pack Weezy provides commentary on each track of his new project “Fondren After 5”. It’s a very insightful video and gives a great chance to delve into the creative process of the gang.

loud pack fondren

“Fondren After 5” from Loud Pack Weezy is a collection of the chillest vibes around. It’s the kind of album you can put on and just ride out to. The opening track “Money Right” is a dope ode to being slept on and how it provides an artist with the drive to keep grinding for greatness. “Coolin” is a smooth track featuring a nice hook from ill Phil and guest verses from The Real C. White and Skyscraper Rio, perfect for bending corners and blowin back to back with the squad. “More Cowbell” has the potential to take over the Mississippi State campus and become the student body anthem. Weezy has winner with this one. Also, major points for including audio from the famed Saturday Night Live skit featuring Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken. “Ride With Me” features a bouncy beat infused with funk grooves and some harmonica sprinkled in for extra flair. Sounds like something Stevie Wonder would come up with. Weezy has cooked up an excellent follow up to his debut “Hippie From Mississippi”. He’s growing as an artist and its coming through in the music he’s creating. Don’t sleep, catch the wave now:

Loud Pack Weezy – Money Right [Prod. By ill Phil]

See ya’ll next week for the next installment of Scraper Gang Weekly!