Should Jackson Still Support August Alsina?


Written By: Laidback Mack   In 2014 the city of Jackson,MS was in an uproar after R&B artist August Alsina cancelled a perfromance for the se...

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Written By: Laidback Mack


In 2014 the city of Jackson,MS was in an uproar after R&B artist August Alsina cancelled a perfromance for the second time after 2,000 people had already purchased tickets for both of the concerts.

The singer took to social media to explain why he was cancelling his performance in Jackson for a second time and most ticket buyers accepted his reason for not showing up, “there was a mixup with the date and venue”. 

However, the promoters of the concert immediately called foul and gave ticket buyers the real reason why Alsina had yet again cancelled his engagement as reported by Jackson Free Press:

“We, as promoters, did everything we were legally obligated to do via contract as well as met all financial obligations. After the initial May 10, 2014 date was rescheduled, we were still committed to bringing the artist to the city for those who had purchased tickets and others. We were more than accommodating to the artist with a new date. Although the venue was scaled down to accommodate an audience of 3500 seats for August Alsina’s performance, promoters were contacted by management two days prior to the schedule event date stating the 2000 tickets already sold was not a big enough crowd for August Alsina to perform because he did not want to see empty seats while performing. We were told, ‘it would not be a good look for him.”

Jackson’s social media went crazy with hate posts directed at the singer, the local radio stations proclaimed they would no longer play his music and local promoters said they would not attempt to book the singer again. Some of his fans stood staunchly in his defense but the reigning thought was “F**k August Alsina”.

I gave all of that backstory to arrive at the fact that nothing has changed here in Jackson in regards to support of August Alsina. Right now it is far more likely to hear Alsina’s latest release “Song Cry” playing on any of Jackson’s local urban music stations than anything from Big KRIT, Meezy or Lil Lonnie. What happened to boycotting an artist for disregarding us and showing them we really won’t accept being treated like second class fans just because we don’t have a huge arena for him to pack out.

What do you think? Should Jackson continue to keep Alsina’s songs in rotation? Should we as a city continue to support an artist that showed such a strong disregard for us?

Let us know what you think on social media @thehoodhippiems or drop a comment on the article below.

Peace and Good Vibes,

Laidback Mack