Sika J Presents Audience Control: The Concert

Sika J Presents Audience Control: The Concert


Written By Sika J   What is Audience Control? With a heavy influx of artistic and musical traffic in Jackson, there is almost no way possible to ...

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Written By Sika J


What is Audience Control?

Sika J in Full On Mystic Mode

With a heavy influx of artistic and musical traffic in Jackson, there is almost no way possible to be aware of everything, every event, or every artist, unless you go on a search. The city regurgitates nothing but art, non-stop. Monday through Sunday, there is some sort of entertainment happening in the city, whether it be Justin Ransburg’s drawing club, art shows or exhibits at AND GALLERY or OffBeat, Spacecamp always goes live with some creative acts, Jackson Free Press gives us all the info we need for entertainment and if you are not hip with them, then Garrad Lee’s post keeps the city abreast, at least for the weekend. Not only do legends walk among us in Jackson, and to no surprise that should be, but considering Mississippi being the birthplace of music, you cannot help but wonder, where is all the talent? Trust me. If you ever decide to mingle around the city, you will constantly bump into the talent that makes this city such a hidden gem.


After speaking and explaining the purpose of Audience Control to ( ), SIKA brought the competition from dream to reality and has successfully completed three rounds of shows. When asked, “What drives you? What gets you out of bed?” SIKA responded,

“Throwing all kinds of events surrounding music; that’s my passion. Since I moved back from Atlanta (two years ago), I’ve been able to have all of my friends come together and they’re all from different genres. And I’m like, ‘Man, let’s do some events with all different kinds of music.’ Although I am an artist myself, I actually enjoy being behind the scenes more than I do being on stage. I love seeing it start and then the finished product. I just love… ‘We did it! We talked about it and it happened.’ I love that process. I learned how to throw events because I was in this girl band, Calico Panache. After traveling with no help with us, I learned about the process of booking shows. Once the band disbanded, I was stuck and still wanted to do music, but I didn’t have (my musician friends) here. I started throwing events at Offbeat and Soul Wired Cafe. When I started to see people responding, asking when the next event was, I thought, ‘I might be on to something here.’

Although in the interview, SIKA speaks on music, this is an event that actually caters to all artists; painters, poets, spoken word, etc. As mentioned in the article, “So many people think it’s only a hip hop scene, or an EDM scene. People aren’t aware we all actually come together and know about each other’s music – and jam to each other. I kind of hope to bring more camaraderie. When we do that, we have the urge to push each other much more, especially when we kick it with each other. I enjoy bringing people together and to mesh and see, ‘I really like you. I didn’t think I’d like a person like that.’ That’s my goal. Music is the universal language and that’s what I’m doing, using it to bring people out.” June has arrived and after completing the necessary rounds, the event is ready for its first concert. There will be a total of two concerts throughout this year, with a massive one combining all acts in December.

So here’s how it goes:

Three to Four contestants compete against each other with their performance.

While on stage, the audience has the control to ‘boo’ the contestant, if they so happen to suck.

Judges are watching everything.

Since everyone cannot win, tip jars are provided so that the contestants can possibly not leave empty handed.

DJ Spre caters the sounds for the night and for the contestants unless they are performing live.

At the end of the night, the judges announce the winner.

The winner wins whatever the prize is plus a concert performance slot.

Round 1 winner: Antwone Perkins; Round 2 winner: Vitamin CEA (check them out)


This month, we will witness Calligraphy, TLo Da Champ, and Yung Jewelz as they give us their show. No competition, just the enjoyment of artist in our city that deserves our attention. In July, the competition will commence and the final concert will take place in December. Not only is this event a form of entertainment, but it’s an open opportunity for us all to show support to those we do and do not know. You have to appreciate things and people, while they exist. And although some people view support as effort, I’m here to let you know that support is a form of energy, not effort. The effort comes into play when you physically put action into your day in order to support. Support your city and your people. It feels damn good and your karma will reward you. Trust me. So come out to Hops and Habanas on Saturday, June 24, 2017. The event will begin at 7 PM and there is no cover. Come enjoy the arts!


About the artist:


Calligraphy is solo singer and guitarist. He has formed his own band and they are called Outcast Society. He is an ecelectic artist, pure and simple. Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, he grows to be an inspiring artist, singer, and model. He is currently working on his upcoming project. Keep up with him at and FaceBook and Instagram.





TLo Da Champ is an upcoming rap artist, born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, and founder of ProBlakkk. If you are not up to date, you should be shame. Check him out on FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, and . He is currently working on his upcoming project, as well.



Yung Jewelz just dropped an amazing project called The Paid Hipster. Please visit her SoundCloud page to check out what you have been missing. A Jackson native, this artist is bringing a new and needed flavor to our ears. The energy in her live shows is undeniable. To keep up, check out her FaceBook, Instagram, and of course, the SoundCloud is booming and bumping.



These three will cater sounds to our ears along with DJ Spre and the night will be hosted by SIKA. Make your plans now and BE THERE! The NO COVER part should entice you all, I’m sure!