Simien Media Group Hosts The “#LetsGetSocial” Workshop

Simien Media Group Hosts The “#LetsGetSocial” Workshop


By Malcolm Morrow Jessica Simien of Simien Media Group is hosting a workshop geared towards helping creatives and small business owners use social med...

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By Malcolm Morrow

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Jessica Simien of Simien Media Group is hosting a workshop geared towards helping creatives and small business owners use social media platforms for maximum impact for their brands. Simien is a blogger, brand ambassador and media consultant with over 5 years of experience. She has worked with a number of major corporations by helping to promote their brands using her sizeable social media and web presence.



The “Let’s Get Social” Workshop can be attended either virtually or in-person. It will focus on a number of common problems that arise when using social media including inconsistent posting without building a formula or strategy for marketing your product or brand.


She breaks down the complexities of social media use into bite-sized sections that are easy to understand and implement.

The virtual workshop features detailed slides and an included workbook for taking notes and a guide to building the necessary strategy to use social media to your greatest advantage. Simien creates a relaxed atmosphere and is both informative and entertaining. It feels more like sitting down for a chat with a friend rather than watching a virtual classroom lesson.She also provides advice on how to build relationships with followers/customers in order to increase engagement/sales, how to attract the ideal demographic to your brand, how to conceive a successful formula for posting content and much more.

The platforms that she will focus on are Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

She explains the benefits and negatives of each one and gives advice on deciding which is best suited to your brand. She also discusses how to use them all in a way to drive engagement on each other.


Don’t miss your chance for high-quality PR training at a very reasonable price from someone that has been successfully navigating the industry for years. It’s a great opportunity to start setting reachable goals for improved results.

The workshop is set to launch virtually on Tuesday, January 24, 2017, at 8:00 PM and will cost $15 (includes workbook).

The in-person workshop will be held on Saturday, January 28, 2017, from 11 AM to 1 PM and will cost $30 (includes workbook and refreshments).

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