Slimm Pusha: The Sweet Prince of the Ghetto

Slimm Pusha: The Sweet Prince of the Ghetto


Written by Sika J Slimm Pusha Discography Slimm Pusha Album Discograp...

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Written by Sika J

Slimm Pusha Discography

Slimm Pusha Album Discography

The Bing Bang Bata Mixup (2011)

IfPushComes2Shove (2012)

IllDoMagic (2013)

Dayvid Blaine: Above The Below (2013)

Hennessi: Very Special Combaq (2014)

OnlyFaDaFreaq/OnlyFaDaRightchuz (TBA)




Lean Not To Your Own Understanding

It happened on a Friday, I remembered being at work that night, feeling heavily irritated. Insomnia won that night, as it would every night to come for the next month. Saturday crept around and once again, work had me irritated and my phone gets a text, “Hey Jess,” at 4:48 P.M. on Saturday, August 27, 2016. I respond, “Hey love how are you,” and he calls as soon as my response goes through. Unfortunately, I could not respond, which in return, I text, “At the work spot I can text tho.”

The urgency in the way we were texting alarmed me simply because the vibe felt off, when it never has with him. As soon as I got the chance, I called him, which would be 5:15 P.M., 38 minutes later. Before calling, I talked with my fiancé for a moment. I was already prewarned that it would be news about Slimm. “I bet it’s jail related,” I say to her, “I’m sure it is.”

In the wake of our black men being haunted by the law, I was unfortunately relieved believing something of this nature could be going on, I mean, we’ve been here before, so whatever it is, we will figure it out. My spirit rubbed me in the harshest way warning that I couldn’t be more wrong this time.

He only had snippets. He wasn’t sure how to approach me. He was at a loss for words and I could tell. It took me 1 minute and 21 seconds to sense this was tragic news. I instantly called Rio. I kid you not, the phone DID NOT RING. After pressing Rio and raising the phone to my ear, there he was saying, “SIKA!”

This Too Shall Pass

“Get here as quickly as you can.” Rio says, “Wait! What? Pause. What’s going on?” I beg. At this moment, I passed the stage of feeling my heart pump out of my chest to the elevated palm beating sweating hands. “Slimm has had a horrible accident. He is not with us right now, just his body. Do not panic. Do not worry. Just hurry. The doctor urges everyone travel this way to be with him.

To be honest, I did not accept the news; I just kept moving along while I took breaks to weep and made it to Atlanta within those 24 hours. For a person who hates hospitals, I raced to be in this one. As soon as I stepped into the room, I felt myself breath for the first time since getting the news and I realized in that moment, the power of connections. Little did I know, nothing would ever be the same.

To be there was surreal. To see him, to feel and hold his hands (which had a wrist that housed a 5th Child bracelet), to hear all the machines, to smell the smell of the hospital, to taste the hospital food, I was in a place I hate and I was totally okay with it. I talked with him, I prayed with him, sung to him, played music for him, joked with him, called Olivia and let her sing to him, then we sung to him together. When we finished, there was a gasp that came from his body that knocked me off my feet. Whether it was a medically induced jerk or not, I was thankful. The hardest part of the visit was having to depart but knowing I would be returning made the exit a little easier. .

The Mission

When we were filming YoDIE, we had no idea we were on a mission but as of today, we are aware. Gideon would get pissed at how Slimm and I could not be affectionate with one another. “Damn yall make this shit look weird.” I thought of Gideon saying so as I left this night, only because I could not wait to return to simply hold his hand, something we could not manage to do during filming.

“The Swinging Pendulum” is what I am calling this journey. The family, extended family, loved ones, friends from all over and even the hospital staff was pushed into a spiritual season, not moment. This was not your typical moment of silence; this has been ongoing since it began. The nonstop praying, gratitude, and obedience amongst us all.

As the family sits, so comforting; there are no tears. The sisters are in a mode of relaxation, brothers are in solider mode and Momma is at peace. The day before there was a union formed around his bed allowing him to go on his way, whichever he had chosen. We fast. We solicit prayers and positivity. We enter a realm, together and a month later, Slimm is turning a full leaf. The hard work is far from over but knowing we are a piece of a miracle makes all those hard moments understandable to us.

To Be Continued…

This story is no longer ours, it belongs to Slimm. To say the least, we are in awe. To say the most, our lives have changed and take form of that change, every single day. Any person directly attached to this situation will probably say the same thing, “My life has changed.” For me, personally, I’ve been given a second chance to cherish my brother. I’ve always given him his flowers while he was around. I never let him go without knowing my depth of love and loyalty. Whole heartedly, the both of us always shared our sentiments of gratitude for having each other and we maintained nurturing our relationship. The strength of that alone has strengthened me throughout this process and kept me prepared to still stay focus and down what is called to be done. I can speak on the changes I’ve experienced during this time, but that lesson is for me and only a piece of the puzzle. There are so many vessels that are connected to this story and it is just beginning.

As a messenger of YAHUWSHUWA, the sweet prince of the ghetto, the keeper of the groove, ya main man Slimm Pusha ain’t done yet. LIVED, DIED, LIVES is not just a phrase, it’s a way of life for him and with his regeneration, he is now our supernatural superman. We question nothing because we understand this is the way the story was already written and the rest is in his hands, as we stand solid behind him.