Visual Flair: Staying Fresh With Dorian Frsh

Visual Flair: Staying Fresh With Dorian Frsh


Dorian Frsh is one of my favorite artists creating at the moment. His incredibly detailed character designs never cease to amaze me. He has been teasi...

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Dorian Frsh is one of my favorite artists creating at the moment. His incredibly detailed character designs never cease to amaze me. He has been teasing an upcoming manga series called Tranz Am for a while now. The world the characters inhabit is drenched in 80’s and 90’s hip-hop culture combined with a futuristic Japanese element. It is something that I’m personally excited to see come to life.

In addition to Tranz Am, he is also working some other IPs including Kira the Kaiju Hunter. This follows the adventures of a young girl fighting Godzilla sized monsters using a number of weapons and magic spells. I could really see it taking off with the preteen and young adult audiences. The character design is cool with plenty of vibrant colors and interesting details to mesmerize the viewer.

I recently contacted him to find out what inspires him to create and what’s next from his Fresh Onez Creative Brand.



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MM: Where are you from? How did you initially gain interest in drawing/designing?

DF: Atlanta all day. I started with street wear but I wanted something different from the average street design so I decided to practice and finally found my niche.


MM: How long have you been working as an artist? How did you develop your signature style?

DF: It’s been about 10 years but I recently started taking it more seriously. I was doing music production but realized most rappers were broke and began to focus more on drawing. Dabbling in music put me behind so I had to level up fast.


MM: Who/What were your inspirations?

DF: Of course anime and hip-hop. But recently Jakes Parker, Santa Inoe, Ronald “D Pi” Wimberly and Chase “St. Chase” Conley. Also, anything from Milestone comics.


MM: Speaking of that, I love the way you combine brands synonymous with hip-hop and Black culture with anime style. It seems like a natural combo due to the relationship between Black and Japanese culture. How do people respond to it?

DF: Samurai Champloo and Afro Samurai lead the way. However, Santa Inoe’s Tokyo Tribe manga put me on that hype. Anime and hip-hop are a perfect match when done right. My goal is to balance it in a natural way or it can come off as corny.


MM: What are some of the goals you hope to reach with your art this year?

DF: Something I hope to achieve is to get my clothing line off the ground and produce to comics in development, Tranz Am an 80’s and 90’s hip-hop influenced action series and Kira the Kaiju Killer a dreamscape thriller.

MM: What other projects do you have in the works? What other mediums do you design in? For example, I saw some action figures on your page, did you create those?

DF: As far as the action figures, those were designed by Ashley Wood a dope artist if you haven’t heard of him check him and 3A Toys out. I’m only working on those projects I’ve already mentioned at the moment. Other than that, I’m just focused on progressing in art. I use all types of materials to create my designs including pencils, Copic markers, and digital drawings. Like a house you need a foundation, so if you are into character creation learning anatomy is essential to your skill set.

MM: Have you ever worked for a major comic or manga company?

DF: No, I haven’t. I honestly rather have my own manga studio.



MM: What do you hope to achieve with your art?

DF: I want draw emotions in people, inspire them to follow their dreams, or help people come up with new ideas. Basically, anything that sparks something in someone else.

MM: Is there anything I left out that you wanted to make sure was said?

DF: Whoever is reading this don’t give up, it will pay off and don’t skip steps. Shortcuts lead to problems later down the line. Anatomy first I can’t stress that enough.


Dorian is currently preparing to host a giveaway on his Instagram page for a package full of great prizes.


Stay Connected With Dorian Frsh:

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