The Celebration Tour featuring Lil Chris Manne and T Lo Da Champ


On Saturday January 31st at Doc*36 Skatepark T Lo Da Champ of Hometown Celebrity and Lil Chris Manne of R.ich O.ff C.lass wrecked the stage. The two r...

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On Saturday January 31st at Doc*36 Skatepark T Lo Da Champ of Hometown Celebrity and Lil Chris Manne of R.ich O.ff C.lass wrecked the stage. The two rhyme slingers hit the stage with high energy and lethal lines and had the crowd nodding along and putting their hands in the air.

Lil Chris Manne hit the stage first along with his brother Young Love serving as hype man (Young Love a.k.a Jaco Love definitely adds to live performance of his brother, one of the best hype men I’ve seen). He performed a couple songs, including fan favorite “Welcome to the Sipp” and his latest track “Anger Management”.

The former finds the MC boasting about his home state with a rapid fire flow over a beat that immediately activates the hype region of the brain. While the latter finds the him dropping a barrage of hard hitting bars venting about everything that is bothering him in his life at the moment. Check out his Soundcloud to hear a dope guest verse from the lovely and lyrically lethal Renee Lee.

Lil Chris Manne knows how to own a stage and it is obvious that he has put a lot of effort into perfecting his live show. His set oozed energy throughout every track. One of the best moments of Chris’ set came when he did a stage dive into the crowd….. but only got caught by one person. He completely flattened his cousin out on the concrete, but she took it in good spirits and laughed it off. A memorable end for an excellent performance.

T Lo Da Champ then took the stage. The tall mc was very personal with the crowd often talking and joking throughout the set. He also gave members of Scraper Gang a chance to get on stage and perform their latest tracks as well. When he performed his hit song “Dope” the crowd went crazy, you could hear the audience spitting bar for bar right along with the Champ. When Loudpack Weezy sung the bridge it was obvious that T Lo had a certified banger because the crowd sang along in perfect harmony. These are the kinds of things that I love to see happening for local artists. It’s a great feeling to have people so invested in what you’re doing.

He also performed one of my other personal favorite tracks “Poppin Sh#t”, in which he lets other rappers know just how wack and weak they are on the mic. Then the homie Moody took the stage and performed a couple cuts, one with an assist from T Lo. The chorus “I be so f$cked up/ I be so scraped u, Models they love us/ We f#ck up their make up” was catchy as hell and it didn’t take long for the crowd to start chanting it.

iLL Phil then performed “Hail Mary” which is a track off his highly anticipated upcoming project “Ethi-Dope-Ia”. The beat had his signature sound of sinister and dark, and his lines were so intricate that it would definitely take multiple listens to take in all the dopeness.

Loudpack Weezy performed a track off his upcoming tape “Hippie From Mississippi” and C. White came with his signature flow and dance moves and swagged the stage out while performing “Good Love”.

The Celebration Tour was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended. There was nothing but positive vibes and dope music all through the atmosphere. I have to give a shout out to the homie Corinthian for helping to create such a dope venue for local artists to perform and showcase what they’re creating. Another shout out goes to DJ Rocsi on the wheels of steel. She def held it down.

If you want to see pics and footage from the concert, check out my IG page _laidbackmack_. Also check out my posts from last week to see the official video for both “Dope” and “Good Love”.