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  Written By Khaos The Magnificent   We live in a world where everyone has a way to publish their opinion and then allow other people to dis...

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Written By Khaos The Magnificent


We live in a world where everyone has a way to publish their opinion and then allow other people to disagr… I mean comment on it, so just in case you and your friends needed one more thing to argue…. I mean debate about, here is my list of the 10 hottest DJs in Jackson.


  1. DJ Jupiter:


Ahh Jupiter, founder of Out This World Ent, also known by their “street” name, The Red Cupz. Now I know a lot of people who will disagree with him being on this list at all, but at the risk of showing my real age here, I remember a time at Jackson State when Red Cup parties were all the rage. And with over four thousand Instagram followers he has a bigger social media influence than a lot of the DJs yet to be listed. And let’s not even get on the fact that this man name be on a new flyer every weekend. He has even linked up with the likes of DJ Rozz on an event or two. It is my understanding that the general consensus amongst partygoers is that Jupiter has as nice a selection as any other DJ, he just needs a quick equipment upgrade to get back to his former glory.

Booking Info: 601-421-8946 or Instagram: @__djjupiter


  1. DJ 2way:


A member of the ever popular #NoCheckNoFlex movement and leader of the #2wayKrew, 2way is packing out events all over MS. I have not personally experienced his skills, but I do know that he is booked alongside the likes of DJ Vito for Black Spring Break 2K16 in Biloxi, MS. I have heard some state that 2way is a better businessman than DJ, meaning that people put him in positions that his talent wouldn’t have otherwise made room for because of his business savy, but again, I haven’t heard him DJ, and we all know how people hate on anybody getting some shine. Judging from his almost four thousand Instagram followers and pictures of packed out events, I’d say 2way isn’t losing any sleep or money over what people say.

Booking Info: 601-331-9960 or


  1. DJ Young Venom:


If you had to scratch your head when you saw that name, then I already have a generalized opinion of you. Not necessarily a bad one, but an opinion nonetheless. Venom is the owner of the artsy record store “Off-Beat” which is one of the participating venues in the upcoming Jackson Indie Music Week. This doesn’t really have anything to do with his abilities as a DJ, but his store sold vinyl copies of DS2. That alone made me want to put him as #1, but I didn’t have time for the slander in the comment box. Any who, he co-hosts a podcast called “Local Elsewhere” if you’d like to judge his talent for yourself.

Booking Info:

  1. DJ Jo Nasty:


Boy this nigga gotta name like you need to keep him away from all your single aunts don’t he? This first sentence in this mane Instagram bio is, and I quote, “watching Shaft, clockin Math!” I don’t know about you, but I’m tryna be just like bruh when I grow up! DJ Jo Nasty works at 99.1 on top of being the official DJ for Jack Daniels. He’s quite honestly a household name and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy the events he’s on. How can you not enjoy anywhere that has free Jack Daniels and good music?

Booking Info:


  1. Ron Tha DJ:


Mr. Country Vs City himself! What doesn’t Ron do? He’s a JUSA radio DJ, 99.1 DJ, the tour DJ for DD4L (in case you’ve been under a rock for a few years or just aren’t familiar with the world of competitive dancing for high school aged girls, DD4L is a phrase from Lifetime’s reality show “Bring It!” which is centered around the Dancing Dolls, a dance team in Jackson that grooms young girls to dance in HBCU bands), and also happens to have one of the nicer beards on this list.

Booking Info:


  1. DJ Rozz:


I want to make a joke here that calls DJ Rozz the Eminem or the Macklemore of the list, but that just wouldn’t be accurate. He’s kinda like the Tyler, the Creator of the list, except, not black. DJ Rozz is more of a house music DJ (it’s okay to not know what that is, just go look it up, it might surprise you actually) and he’s making a lot of noise with Enough Said Events in a genre of the nightlife that most people don’t think to tap into. For that, he gets #5 on this list.

Booking Info:


4.DJ Dream:


CEO of #NoCheckNoFlex, DJ Dream would have to be my pick for #4. He has already proven time and time again that he knows how to rock a crowd, and I think he just might be the best mixtape DJ in Jackson. You don’t have to agree with me, but numbers don’t lie, and I see three mixtapes with over 40 thousand views. And that was only after a couple of clicks. I don’t think we even need to discuss the 10k+ followers on Instagram. Actually, he should just change his @ name to “DreamTheMixtapeKing” or “MixtapeKingDream” or something like that.

Booking Info: Instagram: @_djdream_


  1. DJ T.Lewis:


The hometown hero, if you will. DJ from right here in Jackson, MS gone on to be the official tour DJ for Young Money, as well as an accomplished mixtape DJ. What else you want me to say? He is LITTLE WAYNE’s tour DJ. I don’t think I should’ve had to say anything after that.

Booking Info:


  1. HomeTeam Tre:


I know some of you probably feel I was being a bit biased by placing him as number two, seeing as how my affiliation with his movement is hardly a secret, but in response to that I only have three words. Free. 18. Party. If you were not there, I don’t know where you were the Wednesday night of Jackson State’s Homecoming. Because literally EVERYBODY was at that party. Think Project X but without the gnomes full of psychedelic drugs. The 20 year old Greenville, MS native is the youngest person listed but has held his own comfortably at events with several of the other DJs mentioned in this article. I don’t know many people that have been doing anything for the length of time he’s been DJing and accumulated the following he has in just a little over a year. I’m interested to see what DJ Tre and the HomeTeam have planned for 2016.

Booking Info: 901-734-4260 or


  1.  DJ T Money:


Now I know y’all didn’t think there was gonna be a list without him? What can I say about him, that you don’t already know from going to his parties for the last however many years you’ve been old enough to attend? I went to my first T Money party at like 14 or 15, and I’m 22 now, so you do the math. To call this man a force to be reckoned with is an understatement. I’ve heard people reschedule events to keep from competing with him and I’ve seen organizations pay out money they didn’t have in their budget for his services because the Money Team brand is that much of a household name. I’ve also heard people say they’re tired of his DJ style, his parties not as good as they were, blah blah blah, but at the end of it all, people still pack out the club anytime this man graces the turntables. So clearly, he’s doing something right. I guess his philosophy is, “I’m not broke so why fix it?” *shrugs* POINT TO DA NIGGA DAT YOU CAME WIT…. POINT TO DA NIGGA DAT YOU FUCK WIT…. SAY DATS MY NIGGAAAAAAAAA *t money voice*

Booking Info: 601-940-2728 or


So there you have it. Did your favorite Jackson DJ make the list? If he didn’t, it means he SUCKS. Jk jk. It just means I haven’t heard of him or I haven’t heard or seen anything that impressed me from him. Which could possibly mean he sucks, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Was there a name we missed that you think deserves a spot on the list? Tell us about it in the comments!





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    DOPE KP! Thanks for getting me hip to some heavy hitter DJs I slept on!

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