YoDIE, An Upcoming Film Starring Slimm Pusha and Sika J [Trailer]


Slimm Pusha and Sika J have been filming for a movie that they are currently starring in, entitled “YoDIE”. “YoDIE” is an acro...

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Slimm Pusha and Sika J have been filming for a movie that they are currently starring in, entitled “YoDIE”. “YoDIE” is an acronym that means, “Your Dream Is Everything”. The plot of the movie sounds pretty trippy. It sounds almost like a “Bonnie and Clyde” story. Here’s a description from the Official Youtube page: 

“Punt has always felt deep down that he would inspire the world to do something great. After a series of unfortunate setbacks he ends up at the bottom of society where he reunites with a lost romantic love. Upset with how the public has given up on the gift of life, the two are driven to push people out of this frozen state to achieve their dreams, often employing criminal tactics to accomplish it. Their soon to be national fame irritates Detective Drexler Baritello-who along with his Crime Unit Squad the Graveyard Shyft–has dedicated his life to finding what the media calls The Randy Pausch Couple and shamefully punishing them for their crimes.”                       

  Sounds dope to me and it seems to be a fairly original kind of idea. I’m a film lover, I love to see people be ambitious with telling the story in a movie and I love seeing directors and writers push norms with a film. I’m interested to see what they have created. 

I also want to see the performances of Slimm Pusha and Jess “Sika” Smith, two artists that I’ve heard collaborate very well together musically on more than one occasion. So I’m curious to see how  the two will work together in a film. Here’s the trailer: 


 They’ve had to overcome a few setbacks while making the film, which will make it that much sweeter when they have the film done. Slimm Pusha was arrested while filming at Morehouse college, which led to the launch of the #FreeSlimmPusha campaign. That’s a major sacrifice in the name of art and filmmaking. That’s also determination and passion for what you’re creating. Passion is something the game has been missing. I’m glad to see artists working to change that.

They are also looking for artists to contribute music to the film’s soundtrack. If you are interested in having your music featured in the film contact them at getslimmpusha@gmail.com. 

 Stay tuned for the release date. Follow YoDIE the Film on IG to stay updated on what’s new with the film.

Directed/Written by Gideon P. SaRa.
Cinematography by Darius “Heavy” Dalton.
Produced by TKC FIlmz/Clairvoyant Entertainment In Association with Heavy Visuals


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    The Premiere for this film is in high drive. June 18th, in Atlanta,Georgia at the Landmark Theatre Midtown Art Cinema, a classic work starring 3rd Coast Representer Slimm Pusha, and Jess “Sika” Smith will have a Red Carpet Extravaganza. Event starts at 7:30p to10:00p. Special Guest will be in the house and the full cast will be at attendance. Dress to Shine

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