Young Cee of GROUP Nation Drops New Mixtape "The Mornin' After" on DatPiff


The smooth, quick flow of Group Nation co-founder Young Cee shines bright on his latest release “The Mornin’ After”. The theme of th...

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TheMorninAfter Cover Art

The smooth, quick flow of Group Nation co-founder Young Cee shines bright on his latest release “The Mornin’ After”. The theme of the morning after runs throughout the project as Cee drops bars about sex filled nights, our materialistic society and everything else that goes on in his mind. From the bouncy opening track “The Mornin After Effect” it’s clear that Young Cee has something to say and he’s gonna make sure that you hear it.

“Retro Nights” feat. Shani provides some introspective looks into Cee’s past and his present. Stand out track “Materialism” is a soulful ode to wanting the lavish things in life and working to make dreams real. As a whole “The Mornin’ After” is a cohesive project that shines in many areas and lacks in few.

I got the chance to speak with Young Cee about his mixtape and his goals as an artist. (Shout out to Corinthian for helping me link with him for an interview).

I’m Y.O.U.N.G. Cee of Group Nation, the acronym stands for “You Only Understand New Growth”. I’m a 22 year old artist from Jackson, Mississippi. I’ve been rapping and singing my entire life but I just recently started taking it serious because of the creative influence I found with Ray Kincaid and the rest of my Group Nation fam. My style is derived from old school Southern hip hop music. Some of my influences are T.I., UGK, 8 Ball and MJG, Outkast and too many others to name. Everybody wants to be a rapper nowdays and its already hard to do that in Jackson, so I always try to invent my own sound that can’t be duplicated. I want people to hear my music and know that there are artists in Jackson that are just as talented as the ones they hear on the radio everyday. I think me and my team are a different breed and I just want to let people know what we can do.

I asked Cee a few questions, here’s what he had to say:

1. What was the creative process behind “Materialism”. That’s my favorite track off the tape.

YC: I just wanted to create something different than what people are used to hearing coming from artists in Jackson because most people aint rapping and singing on a track.  I also wanted people to see my versatility on a record and give them a different sound.

2. What inspired you to take on the theme of “The Mornin After”?

YC: Even before I officially started rapping I always knew that I would have mixtape called “The Mornin After”. I’ve always wanted my mixtapes to tell a story and since my first tape was called “Retro Nights”, it would only be right that my second one be called “The Mornin’ After”.

3. What does the word success mean to you?

YC: Success to me is being able to create opportunities for other people to better themselves. If I can get me and my  team to a point where our families can live better and provide for future generations, then we have become successful.

4.  What does the future hold for Young Cee and Group Nation?

YC: In the future you can expect great things from us. We are driven to prove that we have talent and we know that perseverance is key. I just dropped my tape and Kincaid is working on a new EP, as a team we are always working on something new. I also have a couple of visuals being produced and I’m hoping to drop a new EP by the end of the Summer. Stay tuned.

Here’s the link to download Young Cee – The Mornin’ After from DatPiff: